Removing a bullet from the body: tips, basic rules

Want to try to remove the bullet from the wound yourself?

Then to start a little bit sobering theory.

In the human body about 206 bones, Total 6 l. of blood and about 100,000 (think!) km of blood vessels. When released into the human body piece of metal At a speed of 300-400 m / s, it’s literally tears apart.

Shockwave created bullet, inside the body causes extensive hematomas and hemorrhages.

Expansive bullet

Bullet may not be simple, but with a cross-shaped notch. From blow such bullet will flower

Bullet, When confronted with a metal shirt It is not necessary.

Finally, it’s not a round hole with a “blind” end. bullet. It is a hole with torn edges, bored with torn edges, bangles and a pair of torn edges. Messaging is not an easy task.

When people claim to remove trapped body bullet – just spit, I agree. Yes, just spit. If you have a whole bucket of your own personal home bullets, you are saved. Then – yes, easy.

But in fact – without practice, and even in unsanitary conditions, it is almost unreal.

If a bullet I’m not on my way, I’m not on my way. she was deformed flattened out, either rested on it flattened out. Along the way, it’s still very complicated 100% infection. Alas bullets and nobody trunks sterilization before the fight.

So try to bandage the wound. dressing bag and deliver the wounded to the hospital. If you’re not waking up, you will not need to drink to compensate for blood loss.

But, let’s say, you can help the wounded, because

Weigh everything again. If a bullet If you hit your head bullet almost certainly kill the patient. Well, if you can take a chance. Although people live with bullets in body. The body simply encapsulates them, and the microflora is crushed by the immune system.

But we still decided on the operation

What we need:

  1. A strong assistant who will keep patient, while you pick it up.
  2. Tweezers with special teeth, or at least pliers with fairly long lips. All this will need to be pre to boil sterile piece of gauge or folded in several layers bandage.
  3. A lot of boiled water.
  4. Lots of sterile bandages.
  5. Syringe, ordinary rubber “pear”.
  6. All our cash determination.

Bandages, tweezers and antiseptics.

My hands. If there is, we dress sterile gloves and a surgical face mask. If the injured limb is in clothes, we cut it off in FIG. Thoroughly wash the wound with water. If there is an antiseptic, wipe the skin around the wound with an antiseptic. No antiseptic, then just alcohol or vodka.

It is clear that in every way. Where do you need to go for a carriageway?

We can help you get rid of the wrinkle from the blood. Blood will stop you from looking bullet in the wound. As soon as you can’t get it, you can’t get it. bullets, since we do not have an x-ray and are not expected. Along the way, we drain the accumulated blood with a syringe. If it means that the vessel is damaged. You decide.

So. Groped a bullet? Cheers cheers!

bullet out. Fingering Take the tweezers and try to walk along the wound channel bullets. If you cant take it out, then take the pliers … Tin, right?

The main thing is not to confuse bullet and a piece of bone. Well, here you are as lucky … pulled out bullet from the wound thrown into the tin can. It is pushed there. bullet. Therefore, we’re trying to get it all from there. Sterile bandage. Now all hope for the patient. The bandage doesn’t fester.

Few words about anesthesia

If there is pain reliever (Novocain, lidocaine, ultracain, promedol, even just no-spa), or It is useful to find out whether the patient is allergic to pain or medication. You need to kill him. Not sure – don’t do it. 150 grams of vodka, if any.

In general, it is a moot point. On the one hand, yes, alcohol slightly dulls the pain. But it also increases clotting.

The best option for pain relief This is a “freezing” military field. Spray from the canister anesthetic, wait

But still you need this information.

The medicine

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