Removing rust from the inner surface of the trunks of hunting rifles, applying a chemical preservative to the inner surface of the trunks.

Many hunters have old guns. Some are still in fair condition. Many of them are distinguished by an amazing battle. Others are expensive as a memory. But it’s no secret that a significant number of old guns, possessing good working qualities, are in a deplorable state both in appearance and in the state of mechanisms and the barrel. For example, due to rust on the inside of gun barrels. 

Removing rust from the inner surface of the trunks of hunting rifles, applying a chemical preservative to the inner surface of the trunks.

If it is relatively simple to improve the appearance of hunting weapons, it is already more difficult to do something with the inner surface of weapon trunks. And sometimes the rusty trunks of hunting rifles continue to rust intensively, leading the gun to death.

, but instead of the usual brush you need to use a fine emery skin, preferably on a fabric basis. To the skin snugly against the surface of the trunks, foam rubber is placed under it. By moving the ramrod nozzle along the entire barrel, almost all rust can be quickly and efficiently removed.

Removing rust from shells from the inner surface of hunting rifle trunks.

After removing rust from the inner surface of the barrel, it looks much better. But in the place of the removed rust, sinks remain. And the biggest harm of shells is not that they deform the fraction. They accumulate the products of combustion of the capsule of gunpowder, which leads to even more intense rusting. Therefore, the second operation is the removal of rust from the sinks..

This task could theoretically be handled by a steel wire brush rotated by the same drill. But the rust converter works more efficiently. This drug, transforming rust, creates a microscopic film on the surface of the shells, which prevents (to some extent) the action of aggressive substances on the metal.

Application of a chemical preservative to the treated inner surface of weapon barrels.

The third operation to protect the inner surfaces of the trunks of old hunting weapons is to apply a chemical preservative, the Movil-2 automobile preparation, to the treated surface. This preservative is also able to react with rust. In addition, it partially neutralizes the combustion products of the capsule and gunpowder..

In addition, “Movil-2” has a liquid consistency when applied, and hardens after application, therefore, filling the shell and hardening, it affects the obturation, and reduce the deformation of the shot, and of course, to protect the shells from further corrosion. Moreover, if the Movil, which is on the unaffected surface of the barrel, is erased when fired, the one that is in the sink remains unscathed and continues to perform its functions.

Of course, this does not last forever – “Movil” inevitably burns out, and it must be renewed. And it is best to use it instead of oil to clean the hunting rifle, although this is not so convenient. Using this method of processing the trunks from the inside, you can extend the life of the old, but dear to the heart of a hunting rifle for a long time.

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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