Repair of an PVC inflatable boat, sealing of cuts, punctures, holes, elimination of other damage to the PVC inflatable boat elements.

The PVC material, of which most inflatable motor boats are currently made, is very unpretentious in operation and quite simple to repair. Along with this, we must not forget that this material is very popular with rats. Therefore, it is better not to leave the boat in the potential habitat of rats or mice. 

Repair of an PVC inflatable boat, sealing of cuts, punctures, holes, elimination of other damage to the PVC boat inflatable elements.

If you find damage to a PVC inflatable boat, and there is no service center nearby and cannot be, then do not be discouraged – nothing really happened. It is easy to repair PVC boats in the field. If the cut occurred on the water, then you can glue it for an hour. However, the hastily delivered patch will not last long, and therefore, after returning home, such repairs must be redone.

, which you received with the boat when you purchased, scissors, a roller or a metal plate, a hair dryer (you can use the usual one for drying hair), a pencil, brush and solvent No. 646. In the field, you can do only with a repair kit, a knife and a burner.

Pvc inflatable boat piercing elimination.

The thing is common. They hooked overboard with a hook, accidentally with a knife on the container, accidentally used the side of the boat as an ashtray. Damage in this case is small, from microns to 3 cm, so proceed as follows.

Cut a patch from a strip of material of the desired color included in the repair kit. The patch can be of any shape, but it is better if it is round or oval. In the field, you can simply cut corners from a rectangular workpiece. The diameter or maximum length of the patch should be 3-5 cm longer than the cut length..

Carefully straighten the affected area of ​​the container on a flat surface. If one is missing, place a cutter or floorboard of the boat under the seat. Clean the glued area from dirt and degrease it with solvent. You can also use acetone, in the field – alcohol. Do not peel the material with sandpaper. Unlike a rubber boat, this can only do much harm..

Put a patch on the cut and outline the place of gluing. Using a brush, apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to both surfaces to be bonded. Let the glue dry. After 10-15 minutes, repeat the same procedure and leave the glue to dry again..

After 5 minutes, you can start the gluing itself. 5 minutes – conditional time. It depends on the ambient temperature, shelf life of the adhesive and even on humidity. Therefore, to conduct this operation, you should not use a stopwatch. Touch the glue – it should stick slightly.

To “activate” the glue, the gluing area and patch need to be heated. To do this, you can use a hairdryer or a lighter. Remember that the place of gluing must be heated, not ignited! This operation must be carried out quickly so that the glue does not dry out during this time..

Now the glued surfaces must be combined so that no air bubbles remain under the patch, and thoroughly rolled with a solid roller. If this is not at hand, then you can use any means at hand: a knife handle, a handle from a meat grinder, etc. Without bending the material at the gluing site, carefully fold the boat and leave to dry for at least a day.

Elimination of torn holes on a PVC inflatable boat, as well as cuts longer than 5 cm.

They are repaired similarly to the previously described method with the only difference being that in the first case it was enough to put a patch on one side only. For large cuts, it is necessary to put two patches: on the outside and inside. Repair procedure remains the same.

It is necessary to cut two oval patches (preferably one size). Prepare the gluing place, carefully straighten the cylinders and degrease the damaged area with solvent. Outline the patch at the gluing site. As previously described, glue the patch first from the inside, and then from the outside.

On a ragged hole with a diameter of more than 1-2 cm, you can apply one patch from the inside, as described above, and two from the outside. The second outer patch should be at least 2 cm larger than the first. The PVC inflatable boat repair kit is designed to eliminate cuts up to 15 cm long. It is assumed that longer damage should be repaired only in service centers.

Elimination of a cut on the bottom of the PVC inflatable boat.

The culprits of such damage are, as a rule, the reinforcement rods that come across in our reservoirs in the most unpredictable places. The cuts on the bottom of the PVC boat are quite specific.

Basically it is lacerated and complex contour damage. To repair them, two patches are needed on the outside and inside. Before gluing, torn surfaces are pre-stitched with harsh threads. Bonding is performed as described above..

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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