Required minimum of hiking gear for a beginner

If you’re not getting any experience, you’re not For example, it is not necessary to use it, for example, it is not necessary. You do not want to drag you to additional expenses.

At the same time, you also want this minimum equipment he also wants to go hiking with you anymore. You need a complete kitchen kit What list will you give it to you? My version, focused on late spring, summer and early autumn – on.


The most important part of our minimum gear. It is better to save on food and intimate lubrication than on shoes. And then immediately additional options appear:

  • Inexpensive army-style boots, military or adjacent. Be sure you want to distribute it. Otherwise, they will rub with unaccustomed.
  • High top sneakers or high top sneakers. Without a pathetic tag, just strong and comfortable.
  • Optional: thick socks, wool or cotton mixed with wool. It will not be rubbed.
  • Optional: replace insoles. There is a possibility that you can take it. at least on a typewriter.


In many ways, determine the pleasure of the campaign. It is desirable that it is well ventilated, “breathed”, was in size, never pressed and not rubbed. Most often use the following options:

  • Military uniforms, inexpensive new or second-hand. The texture is “wooden”, but not “glass”.
  • Civil pants loose fit. You can sport, but not synthetic, and cotton in a mixture with synthetics.

Do not take knitwear or jeans.


Decisive change. From the sun, from the dust from the trees.

  • Panama, United States are attached a shovel and sandals. The back of the sun.
  • Bandana, or shemagh. With the Panama, and not with her.


Even if the forecast Do not want to take it. Better to get wet

  • Army poncho type.
  • Kurtochka-waterproof.

It’s not a problem.


Without it when linking minimum equipment do not succeed in any way. No bag will provide such a balance with a bag and two straps.

  • 20-30 liter army pack military second-hand. It is also possible to take a vintage duffel bag.
  • Tourist compression bag with straps. O’clock run along the paths will serve. Usually a volume of about 15 liters.
  • Youth backpack from yellow-faced partners. It is a good idea to bring out a lot of clothes.

Fire extinguisher

Ziplock latch. You can lighter. It is necessary to make sure that the campaign doesn’t have to be corrupted.

Table set

Mug, bowl, spoon, knife. Mug and bowl – with double walls. They are useful in the kitchen at home. Knife at least folding, even in a plastic sheath. Spoon usual, but not tea.

Personal first aid kit

Individual medications that the beginner takes regularly. Repellent, sun cream, hygienic lipstick (lip balm). A couple of bandages. For all occasions.


Without showing off, but with fresh batteries. With a hand strap.

PET eggplant with water

And even better – as many as two. No need for steel or aluminum flasks, as well as various fashionable plastic bottles. Drinking water will never be superfluous.

If the campaign doesn’t minimum equipment add to this three more positions:

Warm sweater

The most simple fleece with a hood. The chances of freezing are much less.


He is a skin, karemat. As dense as possible. Not self-inflating – such rather quickly fail.

Sleeping bag

In the warm season is not required. Thin fleece blanket is fine. You can inflatable pillow, if you wish. But in early spring or late autumn – absolutely irreplaceable thing.

This is necessary minimum equipment it can be useful. Of course, this doesn’t pretend to universality, but as it is, it’s not.

Required minimum of hiking gear for a beginner

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