Required shooting exercises

Exercises for working with a machine gun / assault rifle

Static (motionless) shooting, at distances of 10-50-100-200:

  • Standing
  • With squatting.
  • From the knees.
  • From the knee (left / right).
  • Lying down.

Shooting dynamic at 10-50-100-200:
1. Vertical Dynamics:

  • When moving from standing to sitting position (in all).
  • When moving from a sitting position (all options) to a prone position.
  • Similarly, reverse transitions.

2. Horizontal dynamics:

  • With lateral movement while standing.
  • With the lateral movement in the position of crouching / squatting.
  • With lateral movement in the prone position.

Shooting in attack and retreat:

  • Standing
  • Crouching
  • Lying down

Dynamic shooting from 10-50-100-200:

  • Shooting from the standing-for-living-levels
  • Shooting with moving from cover to cover (at standing-sitting-lying levels).
  • Shooting with movement behind cover (at standing-sitting-lying levels).

It is carried out in various stages, with different types of targets:

  • Static.
  • Moving
  • Mixed set.

Exercises with short arms

Short-barreled weapons, making changes in the fire.
For submachine guns – 5-10-20-50 meters.
For pistols – 5-7-10-15 meters.

Special exercises:

  • Evacuation of the wounded.
    It can be clasped from the shoulder The second hand is busy dragging the “wounded.”
    The fire is from the hip, while the wounded is located on the arrow of the arrow.
    Distances 10-20-50 meters.
  • If you can not use one of the hands.
    The choice of the shooter.
    Distances 10-20-50 meters.

The same exercises are performed with a submachine gun (distance 5-10-20 meters) and a pistol (3-5-10 meters).

It is also recommended that you complete the basic course.

The same thing with the killhouse workouts.

P.S. Recorded “for memory”, then I will develop this thing into something.

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