Residential theft: How to protect housing from thieves?

It means that there is no damage to the property. This is a very big sum.

The number of hacks is constantly growing. This is the case for defending against such a scourge.

But will delay

Do you need to protect your house or apartment from burglary. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the time of purchase.

For experienced burglars, it is a matter of time and expediency. It would be a very good idea to choose another apartment. If possible, burglars do not disdain even the most primitive ways to enter the room, for example, a private house.

Alarms or even a warning about the presence of a door to the front door, rather than being a deterrent for burglars. In some cases, it’s not a problem. Even with such protective systems, experienced housekeepers can cope literally in no time.

But it is worth noting that state security agencies were vested with significantly powers. For example, they can move around in the same way as emergency services (ambulance, fire, police), including even moving against road traffic. State security agencies also have firearms. And so on.

Preliminary study of the goal

In the course of the study of the Such a study always takes into account the following factors:

  • the design of the locks installed on the entrance doors
  • their number
  • the doors of door locks
  • the quality of the entrance doors themselves
  • the presence of alarms
  • daily routine of apartment dwellers
  • It doesn’t even realize.

Experienced burglars, you’re sure you’re safe. It can be used to make sure that there is no room for children.

The apartment theft can occur openly

If you’re banging yourself up, you can’t use it. a uniform removes any suspicion of them.

Uniforms for crackers. Do you often need to stop, for example, Of course not! If such a person does something, then so be it. It should be so.

Or, for example, imitation of carriers or loaders. Well, people work. Surely they will help you It is completely legal! This is a fact in most cases. What are the cases?

This is not the case.

It’s not a problem. It is adaptive to all models of intercoms. That is, all such protective, deterrent elements in practice are very often completely ineffective, useless.

When nobody is home …

The burglars are most often robbed. And he doesn’t think at all of his real estate.

In the summer, the number of committed burglaries rises by 10, 15 percent. The number of apartments in large cities increases to 30 per day. According to statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the 15th, 30th of August.

This is a tour of the holidays. Private security agencies. After all, you need to be aware of your dreams.

Thefts are committed by a tip.

More than a third of burglaries occurs on a tip. Simply put, you are a robbers act from your surroundings (relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, even classmates of your children). Very often, apartment owners themselves are unconsciously helping to find out how they can read it.

Most often, robbers choose where they want to be.

It is located on the top floor of the house. After all, it is easiest for burglar thieves to penetrate them. If you’re looking out for a second floor, you can use it to industrial climber.

Even if you’re a little bit harsh, you can’t make it. It can be arranged by the attackers under the law.

How to prevent burglary?

It points out that if you are a hacker, then alarm installation, connected to communications GSO and other state security structures.

Risks of being robbed are significantly reduced during installation. high-quality and reliable doors, door locks, windows security systems, video surveillance systems. Burglars to penetrate apartments or houses. All of these factors are elements of an additional deterrent to burglar thieves.

Also, experts advise to install the three-millimeter, five-millimeter steel on the entrance doors. several locks of different types. It is necessary to give preference to the systems of door systems. There is a possibility that they will be able to pry them.

Most of the cheap entrance doors, mass-sold and installed today, can be opened very easily. Literally like a tin can! This has been a number of burglary teleprojects. And even the most inexpensive door locks, it needs more time to get to the bottom.

But for intercoms, burglars are not a particular obstacle.

Residential theft: How to protect housing from thieves?

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