Rest without mosquitoes – a reality?

“Oh, summer is red!
I would love you
When not hot, but dust
Yes, mosquitoes, yes flies. ”
– A.S.Pushkin

According to one of the legendary words. Well, learn how to resist the little bloodsuckers.

It is a thirsting for human blood. Their bites are not only unpleasant, but dangerous also dangerous. But there are many ways to protect yourself.

  • First way – Do not let the mosquito land. During the outdoor recreation, you can come up with outdoor games, or simply simply repel mosquitoes with your hands. Very energy-intensive and inefficient way.
  • Second way – it is thicker than a mosquito nose (4 mm) In this case, it can be put on the bottom. The face is covered with a special mesh.

But besides “not letting yourself bite,” there are also other ways to deal with mosquitoes and midges. Insects are very sensitive to odors. Mosquitoes will fly around your yard.

Also do not tolerate mosquitoes. It will also help.

Take 5 grams of cloves of water, boil, then mix this broth with cologne. You can walk quietly with this product.

It is also possible to clean the mosquitoes. Will certainly not spoil your rest. A few grams of fires over the fire – it will save even a large space from midges and mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes do not like scarlet. Therefore, it can also be used as protection. It is easy to make butter using this flower. Squeeze one teaspoon of aloe juice through gauze. Dry skin on your body. There is a lot of vegetable oils that can be used: rosemary, basil, lavender, geranium, peppermint, lemon balm, so we can add 5-7 drops of oil, and for example, geranium. Carefully mix them with squeezed aloe juice. It can be stored in a bottle of dark glass. You will not touch you. It is recommended to use for children over 5 years old.

You can also make a spray of your own. It’s a good idea to dissolve. For such a volume we take from 20 to 30 drops of essential oils, but only those who are of mosquitoes. For example, lemon balm oil. Pour the substance. Shake before each use. And it smells delicious, and mosquitoes do not buzz.

Mosquitoes are deterred by the smell of cedar oil. And not only mosquitoes, but also cockroaches and flies.
It is a good idea to take a restful sleep. On the windowsill, by the window. Insects never give this delicacy and soon die.

IMPORTANT! Before using creams, oils, decoctions, cooked yourself, check it out for an allergic reaction. There is no redness and irritation, then there is no allergic reaction.

If you prefer, you’ll find out that you’re preferring chemical agents to combat mosquitoes and flies. If your fumigator has run out of liquid, try pouring 100% eucalyptus extract there. Acts on mosquitoes no worse than a chemical.

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Mosquitoes easily bite through the body, even a storm. It is a good idea to wear it on the head. Gum should be sewn tightly into the sleeves sleeves.

Of 20-30 cm is sewn inside if it is not equipped with a “lightning”. It will not let you in insects. Some travelers claim that mosquitoes hate yellow. Well, why not check?

Mosquitoes sit on sweaty skin more often. There will be a lot of wormwood there. Hands with grass. This will save mosquitoes for a while.

If mosquitoes have already bitten

Mosquito bites cause unpleasant itching, which you immediately want to eliminate. The first, what is worth remembering is that you can’t scratch a bite. An infection can get into the wound. It is especially hard to keep track of this mosquitoes. To get rid of the itch, it needs to be cleaned and cleaned.

You can reduce the discomfort by rubbing a mosquito bite with an elderberry leaf. Attach something cold to the wound, such as an ice cube. You can also use the bite of hydrogen peroxide. It can be removed from baking soda (0.5 tsp per cup of water), ammonia (half with water).

The bite can be treated with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate. Mosquito bite can be smeared with kefir or yogurt. Slightly crushed petals of bird cherry, plantain, parsley or mint also reduce mosquito bite itch. Do not forget about the good old “Star”. Its smell, by the way, also repels mosquitoes very well.

Mosquitoes are everywhere, except, perhaps, the Far North. But not all the mosquitoes bite people are much more delicious. Because of the thinning of the skin. Recently, we have prepared to combat them. Therefore, you must always be fully armed.

Often we find large mosquitoes, with long legs, which many mistakenly call malarial. But it is not. You should not be afraid of these mosquitoes – they are centipedes, vegetarians. It is a bit distinguished feature.

Mosquitoes avoid direct sunlight. And the most aggressive warm evenings.

It is not necessary to protect you and your family. Take a good rest without mosquitoes!

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