Resurrection of the Dead: Zombies from a scientific point of view

Extremely popular scenario hypothetical end of the world – the zombie apocalypse. Moreover, human fears, but on banal human fears. People are afraid of chaos.

BUT the zombie apocalypse – This is when people massively turn dead and create chaos.

But can this happen in reality? Let’s try to figure it out.

Unknown viruses

Virus, This is the real thing. Take it out and have a lot to do. It cannot be controlled, but it cannot be controlled. Something similar has become cause of the zombie apocalypse in the movie “28 days later.” Am I Legend is struggled with a similar disease. In short, a very likely scenario. And then we’ll only be able to get out of this way. And if only some “Umbrella” on their own …

Brain parasites

And again, this is not fiction, but reality. Exist parasites, It is a wide range of reactions. There is a parasite of the bacteria of Toxoplasma. It is a catastrophe. According to the individual women over 40 years of age, they can also be exposed to such behavioral changes. And then the question arises – what will happen if Toxoplasma mutates (independently or forcibly)? But there is still cordyceps fungus, It is “zombies” and it is hypothetically hypothetically. Very likely reason for the zombie apocalypse.


Classic reason zombie apocalypse – neurotoxin, virtually eliminating higher nervous activity. The brain will continue to work. Even some subcortical centers are functioning. Given the level of development of biochemistry, this can theoretically be created. On the basis of tetradotoxin, for example. It is a fact that it can be used as an anesthetic. It is a zoomed out of the box. Fiction? Maybe. But from scratch,


Nanotechnology is not only a bullshit that can cover the cutting of billions. It is a really working thing, it is extremely dangerous. Scientists have figured out that miniature self-replicating robots may well exist in the human body even after his physical death. It is not only the form of the body, but it is also not the case. In theory. It is a very reminiscent of a classic zombie. Unless, of course, nanorobots can form the mind of the hive and coordinate their interaction instantly. In this case, humanity will come to an end in any case. Fortunately, at the modern level of technology development, nanotoids on uncontrolled self-reproduction are not capable. Until.

Unknown reason

Worst of all when reason for the zombie apocalypse Remains beyond human understanding. If you are dead, for any reason? In the Doomsday version of the Abrahamic religions And this is really scary. Even though there was a lot of schism among the ancient people, Is this a miracle or not? I do not know. But I couldn’t see what was moving towards them. Kneel down and pray? Hardly. There was no piety before human life. So suppressed the zombie apocalypse spat it out.

Resurrection of the dead point or zombies from a scientific point of view

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