Return of the Legend: Updated Steel Eagle Combat Knife

In honor of his twentieth, the famous TOPS company is going to release the reissue of its very first model of the knife – Steel Eagle

“Steel Eagle” – a reliable and durable tactical knife that perfectly conveyed the spirit and idea that guided the creators of the company when it was founded.

“The initial idea was to create a truly hardcore tool that could go through any trials that might fall to its share in the army units. Therefore, the only thing that made sense in such a situation is to make it strong, thick and solid. ”

Even 20 years later Steel Eagle still looks good – it is a tightly knit design with a fixed blade. It is equipped with a 7.63 inch (almost 19.5 cm) blade (carbon steel 1095), made of durable material with a thickness of a quarter inch (0.6 cm) and weighing more than 18 ounces (more than 500 grams). The buyer has the choice between the forms of classic tanto (107D) and “hunter’s point” (107C), which are great for both tactical and service use.

Connoisseurs of good knives can now open an extensive catalog. TOPS, choose any knife for yourself and get it at your own disposal pretty quickly, but 20 years ago everything was a little different.

We had to manually make each blade and grip. Seriously, only limited issues are being produced this way, but then we had no other options.

The first 25 models Steel Eagle were issued to volunteers serving in the army in the army.

“After they checked these knives in and gave us their wishes, we had to modify the original model a little bit so that it would become Steel Eagle, which you now see “

The most difficult thing was to adjust the orderly outdated model of the combat knife to the needs of ergonomics and design of the 21st century, but it didn’t change the original concept much. I had to smooth the corners a little, change the material of the handle and use a more modern finish. In addition, according to company reports TOPS, also the model will be back on sale 107E without teeth and with the shape of the blade “hunter’s point“.

Steel Eagle – the second classic model from the company TOPS, which gave a new life. The first was a knife Wind runner, released in early November. The creators also argue that the new “Steel Eagle” is not seen as a model for collecting, but as a utility knife.

“Users will appreciate not only the style of this knife, but also its functionality. Therefore, they will actively use it to solve their problems. ”

The result – harsh, reliable, practical. It looks cool. More than 160 bucks. But this is far less than the cost of some other knives from TOPS of the same category. Honestly, with pre-order it is even cheaper than the original model. Seriously, the knife, as for me, is very good. What do you think?

Steel arms

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