Review of the book “Rezinostrel” from the group of authors “Wind Center”

Let’s start a very detailed review of the book. “Rezinostrel” from the creative team of the Veter-Center. If you are a major introduction.

“Rezinostrel” is a book preceding the infamous book from the same “collective” – “Shoot”.

So, unlike shot, “Rezinostrel” read better and easier. Although it’s not true, it’s not possible to meet the stated title. And in the end leaves a somewhat contradictory impression. I can not say that I am opposed to this book read. Not. In contrast to the absolutely stupid “Shoot”, it can be read. But is it necessary? Good question. But I’m not going to disassemble the entire book.

How will the analysis take place? I will take it, so I can take it online. Do not blame me, I will not be able to quit. I’m not sure you want them; I’m looking for what you don’t say.

It will be a lot of cases on the fly. But – I will try. So, drove.

“Rezinostrel” from Major Wind

The book is not just “Rezinostrel”, but “Rezinostrel: Psychological foundations of active self-defense”. The cover also contains guidelines for those who are forced to defend themselves without intermediaries.

That is understandable, we are talking about civilian self-defense using traumatic weapons. And not so much about the mechanics. Ordering to make your demands.

And we will start from the beginning. It’s enough to read the “We” section. You can’t see what it’s like to do. Just explain why the book is worth 1000 rubles? This, for a moment, is not a little money. They can live for a week or even two. Download it, just buy. Well, okay, not everyone can be mercantile cattle like me. In the end, their business.

Well, one more thing that touches at the very beginning. The theme of Russianness and Orthodoxy is being pedaled again. So far, nothing more, but I have a question:

For religion? Or without this, your training is not effective?

Next section “Thanks”

For every rational person. Announcement of Kochergin. He has been climbed with a colonel, who has climbed with the money wherever he could. Starting from self-defense for women, for example; will not even comment on this). Again, it is known for running PGM. What makes you think.

And then … And then the beautiful. “Appeal to critics”

Actually appeal to people like me. That is, it is a bookmark and a parses it. And the answer is so literate, you know:

– “People. Mostly men who hissed, they … All kind of labeled. Someone frankly small, one oblique or has a particular defect. Sloping foreheads. “(P.4)

In the end, a little further calls such degenerates. And given that I’m approaching several parameters, I now know how to call me. By the way, I have nothing against it.

And the most important thing is “Why the two consecutive words cause fear: Russian and Orthodox” (p.7).

The authors are not able to understand. However, in the future you will understand everything.

It is a homosexual. There are recommendations for personal care:

– “Take care of your nails, whiten your bikini area, swing the press” (p.9)

That is what we “liked” so much in “Shoot”. Well, again, about Orthodoxy.

Chapter “Why”

It was written. He turns out that he’s interested in:

– “I am interested in purebred people, descendants of Sarmatians and Scythians. I am interested in healthy genes … “(p.10)

In short, Article 282 is pure. No, I’m not saying that I am an angel myself. But I am an internationalist, I hate all nationalities, making no difference to anyone. But it would be a little banging.

Chapter “If”

A short little head, two dozen lines. You can see how to kill it? And nothing will happen. This is not the case.

Chapter “Preface”

Virtually all quotes. First, the whole poem Ehrenburg “Kill the German.” The thing is strong, no doubt. It is indicated that there is a self-defense. What is a person? From his point of view, it’s necessary to start the killing of the fascists? Without him, didn’t want, or what? Or why was it at all? This is a case in point. If we take the enemy. It can not be entered into a specific framework.

It is not a question of any motivation. But the author doesn’t distinguish between an individual approach and a group one. Honestly, you can read the book … nafig … Well, let’s continue. It’s a bit different. ”It is a peace of mind. In short, the level of normal internet discussion. Again, where is the person? Orchestration of the enemy? Oh well …

At that, you can write through the Ukrainian political elite. But I’m still not able to understand the rezinostrela Arabs, Germans and Ukrainians? We are talking about certain nationalities. And I chose it? It was not me.

Also there is one excellent phrase:

“It’s a personal, personal scale.”

Do you understand the phrase? I am not very. It is a matter of fact that you are involved in its consequences.

It is a crooked and slanting state.

Well, like this, from the end of the Preface:

– “Monkeys are the most idle of animals.” (p. 26)

Hint, I think, is quite understandable. Whom our, far from young, self-taught zoologist hints.

Chapter “Caution”

It’s not a problem. It’s not a question.

– “Working in regions with“ difficult ”situations,“ participating in the campaign ”,“ strangulation in caves ”and other nonsense, years. weapons by staff. “(p.29)

Stop Wait a second. Speech about civilians, or about employees or military men? I’m not sure that I’ve been able to get a little bit more than that. I understand that it was enough for me at the time of five years! Then only aggravated. It doesn’t understand. But.

If you’re looking for an IPSC. I repent myself, I am indifferent to them, because we live in parallel. It is better than no one. But then there are no options. But the author should spit in sport.

Yes, the author says that they earn on human fear. It is a scandal. However, he still speculates on the current fashionable topic.

– “Ignorance begets fear” (p.34)

Remember these words for the future.

Well, yes, the chapter ends with a wonderful phrase:

“Therefore, even if you are not capable of self-defense. Genes are genes. The main thing is that you are not a congenital victim. And sew yourself tits, this is, excuse me, whatever one may say – deed “(p.35)

Well, thank God, transvestites can also defend themselves. It is possible that everyone else can also. However, this “innate victim” is a person who speaks about psychology, an unforgivable joint. That is, the author’s slanders are all vaccinated behavior. Well, the author knows what he is talking about.

Chapter “Law and Moral”

It’s all as usual. No references to laws. No precedents, no talk about self-defense. Nothing. Why was this chapter introduced at all? But what about the next three-page nonsense? Without high value thinking that:

“Such legal material can only be given in special, legitimate publications.” (P.37)

Oh yes. The book is 1000 rubles, you need a volume for weight.

Chapter “They”

So that everything at once becomes clear:

– “A bit of science sampling from“ Differential Psychology ”.”

Next comes the statistics that:

– “… 50% of convicts have oligophrenia and psychopathy, and 40% of convicted mentally and drug addiction.” (P. 43)

All is good, but. Where are the statistics from? The author does not bother to cite the source. None of the numbers. And the numbers are creepy. Straight we live in a world of oligophrenics and psychopaths. It’s not clear where the numbers come from. It is a mentally unstable person. What is not true and what is not a true air search.

Chapter “You”

The story of the wild law-making initiatives of the ruling party of Egypt. The author finally decided on the definition of “ethnic crime.” “The beat the save Russia”. I’m not an internationalist, but I’m not always happy. It doesn’t have to be enough. So far, we are talking only about “biodegradable waste” and “monkeys”. Head about nothing.

Chapter “Racism, extremism and this book”

This is a great chapter. It is not surprising. Try to push into print. In fact, the book is racist and nationalistic. How it was released for sale is unclear. Demushkin wondered for a month, and then practically calls and slogans. The National Rifle Accosiation can be followed. I don’t know, maybe I will enlighten.

The first part is over. 54 pages. The book is 226 pages (plus 13 more pages of photos, which we also touch). That is, we have viewed almost 1/4 of the book. 1/4 from 1000 rubles, it is 250 rubles. So for 250 rubles, we haven’t been told Nichrome yet.

Chapter “Fear and Energy”

The chapter begins with the miraculous:

– “Psychic energy is a completely official scientific term” (p. 61)

It is a pity to clarify it. According to Freud, according to Rudzitis, according to Roerich? It doesn’t mean what it means. Oh yeah, he said a little further:

– “This activity controls this activity.” (P. 61)

I didn’t find such a definition. That is, we have a breakthrough in psychophysiology. That is, in principle, it is possible to finish it.

– “A person badly reads the so-called non-verbal signals of the environment” (p. 61)

What was that, sorry? That is, the environment has non-verbal signals. If yes, then yes. During the period of the person to be. In all steel cases, it is something else.

There is a “negative energy of fear.” I do not understand – what is this paganism? It seems to be like all the time talking about Orthodoxy ???

However, there are conditions for this reaction. “(p.64)

It is not a new idea. It would be fine to follow the correct words:

– “If you wish, you can change the problem.” (Pp.64-65)

What ??? Optional ??? Excuse me, but you can clarify how many years there will be such a result? It is a challenge to control your basic stress reactions? No, it can of course be formulated crookedly. It was clear that I’ve meant it. The rules of “what was it?” But he doesn’t really want to know what the spice is.

“If you’re trying to make it out,” 65)

Well, that is all the same incomprehensible nonsense. There is no need for stress, no stress, no stress, no stress, no stress. There is no talk about stress reactions, no talk about the mechanisms of adaptation and avoidance to stress. Nothing. Only energy and motivational slogans.

Moreover, the experiment “Mouse Paradise” has been dragged out, for example,

– “Doesn’t this remind you of anything?” (P. 67)

Reminds, maybe even very much. But what does it mean?

Chapter “Weapons and Holster”

– “You bought yourself a rubber shooter” (p.71)

Actually a traumatic gun. At least follow a little terminology. Anyway. But there is no reason for the rest of the chapter. Without specifics, but tips like:

  • “You’ll have a holster belt belt.” (P.71)
  • “If you want to choose comfort, you can choose comfort.” (P.72)
  • “The holster is in place.” (P.73)

That is, in line, however, it is clear, correct. And it couldn’t be cling, if not …

– “I listened to this man. I pulled out, I didn’t get notice. I shoved the weapon back into my holster – he didn’t notice. I got up and left. “(P.75)

???!!! Stacked ??? !!! What was it all about ??? This is what? Besides that, you can shoot a person sitting at the table? So such a wild division scrapped. Or that you are not inadequate moron, you can’t? What does this have to do with injury? It must be removed from

Chapter “You and Your Weapon”

It should be a hand. Get a guarantee (2 seconds). Virtually no extra “water”, no revelations, nothing even close to the discovery, but in the case. 2 pages.

Section “First Shot”

I can not say anything. Despite the fact that it is not so annoying. It is minimal. But still. It is a real practical interest. And here, there, God forbid, in the sum of pages 6. In some subsections, for example:

  • “Leaving the line of attack.”
  • “Avoiding the threat of weapons.”
  • “Intuition”.
  • “Filing a cartridge into the chamber.”
  • “First aid to victims” (there are two)
  • “Errors when aiming.”

So, there is nothing to read in these subsections. Totally. From the word “generally”, one is empty water. But even reading it is not disgusting, someone for himself, maybe even something curious.

The foul head is the “Self-identification”. Well, the author can not without nationalist nonsense. Do you need a 16-year-old citizen Schicklgruber fan, or methodical literature?

And there is one more thing. Remind how the book is called?

“Rezinostrel: psychological foundations of active self-defense.”

So there is not a word about psychology. Meanwhile, we have already crossed the 160th page. It is not a word. To put it mildly, deception, as in the case of “Shoot.” However, there are even more sensible things to do.

Next comes the “Elements” section, which consists of 8 sections … Which … Which is not needed in the book. In addition to the first section:

“Double Shot Flash.”

It can be read. Thoughts are reasonable and understandable. The problem is that italics are half there. Half nafig can be thrown out without losing anything at all.

But then … But for extensive reflections on this topic.

“Targeting / aiming”

He wrote about the book on the book.

“Combat NLP”

What is it? Why not? More precisely, for 1000 rubles you need a volume. It is not a matter of concern; they will still find the book.

Then … TA-YES !!! “Contactless fight”

Yeah. He is. He says, “It’s a bit of a blessing!” Then suddenly quickly died out. In short, hairy female genital And the contactless battle itself still exists.

“The operators of the military unit No. Thousands of people showed up. Out of balance, etc. “(p. 174)

Thank you, I finished, I have nothing to add at all. No comments here. I love you here.

“Knife fight”

Here I will literally two quotes:

– “Ended acquaintance is very simple. He has been stabbed or simply mutilated to his disability. It turned out that he had a gap with that. “(P. 169)

Comrades knife fight instructor (I’m not sticking to you, nor my God), please tell me. Here comes some hell after a seminar / class and asks:

“How many people have you killed?” In our glorious city?

Where will you send it? And how intense? What is a stupid assassin or a provocateur?

This is a cool psychologist, damn it.

– If you read these lines: “I admire you! “.

This is the 80th time that it has been drawn from the Filipinos … is practically Zen. “(P.170)

To begin with, I have never seen such prices. 80 bucks is the 5200 (approximately) for one workout. What is there to say? Well, firstly, that it is necessary to envy silently. And secondly, it’s a mighty specialist in psychology.

And, well, I will not keep from one more moment:

– “Take a look at the NDK knife (Kochergin’s commando knife). Is it a product for widespread use? “(P.172)

Is he fighting? Or here “the cuckoo praises the rooster for the cuts”? Where is the NDK in service? Who really works with him? It is a fact that it is a fight for a fighter … In short, nonsense.

“Boyd’s loop”

Psychology. Really important and necessary. “Loop Fight is … Fuck! Hrenushki! It couldn’t have been any peace with the Soviet pilots. And that’s what you want to do. Patriotic? Highly! On business? Nifiga Excellent chapter on a very important topic.

Guys, a book about psychology !!! You know, about psychology! He didn’t even set out. And why, it’s an enemy element. It is a scandal.

The next section “Work in a pair”

Section, in principle, not the most necessary, but oh well. Maybe something there will be sensible? Will be. On 5 sheets, 6 lines of italics. Which can be called sensible. Water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, …

Finally. Attention! For the first time dedicated to … PSYCHOLOGY.

“Psychological knockouts”

– “This is the main chapter of the book” (p.185)

I remind you that the book has 226 pages of text. And this is page 185. And it takes only 13 pages. It doesn’t seem to be a problem. And this is a big question, what will these 13 pages be about? In fact, they want 1000 rubles for 13 pages of text. This should be a very clever 13 pages of text.

So, the section “Psychological knockouts.” Interestingly, the authorship changes a bit. If everything previously written was signed by “Wind”, then now comes the signature “Wind&I don’t have the slightest desire.

Anyway. So, 13 pages on the topic of psychology. What is there to be there. (pp.185-186)

This section is voiced:

  • You can buy a rubber shooter at home.
  • You can take it out.
  • You can shoot, but not legally.
  • You can shoot yourself in court.
  • If the circumstances are “against” a lawful shot, you should be “in favor” and shoot.
  • Do not try to stop the infection.
  • If you shoot you can be right.

That is, the swing is not even for the ruble, but for the whole hundred. It is clear that they will be able to explain all this in 13 pages.

“Psychological readiness”

In the beginning, everything is not bad:

“In other words, there has been a lot of experience.” (P.186)

– “Developed actions must be legal, effective and quick.” (P.186)

But it is not a question of how to develop it. And not only in the chapter itself, but even in the book itself. The list does not make up the mind. You tell how to complete this list. But no, about the monkeys still inserted. Could not resist.

Well, the ending is enchanting:

– Of course, it’s probably not an allegorical “kill”. But dear reader, be aware of that. He said: “After all the peace?” “. (P.187)

What was it all about? Dostoevsky What does the Maidan? Change the fate of a country? It seems not.

“Psychological knockout”

Nothing. At all. Neither the definition of this “knockout”, nor any explanation for what it is. Because this is:

“Psychological knockout is a technique, technology or algorithm. These are active actions “(p.187)

This, I’m sorry, is not a definition. More there says nothing about it. At all.

– “The psychology of active self-defense is not the psychology of war” (p. 188)

Yes, I agree, this is correct.

“In order to understand it, you don’t need to go through the battles and sweeps.”

Yes? And on the basis of their combat experience? Is it the author of a hundred pages earlier? Rabinovich, you order either a cross or a tricel. Still rubbed a little earlier.

And where is the actual psychology? And nowhere. Nope And “not about psychology,” too, there is nothing. There is nothing.

“Shot a day before the target appears”

In general, a very difficult way to just say alert. Highly. I understand what it was about. The benefit is just one page. But in principle, there is at least some sense here. True, I would still be a clearer. Well, about Matrosov.

“Shot a second before the target appears”

Here again, everything is ambiguous. On the one hand, italics are sensible thoughts. But here comes the whole book. Yes, it has sensible thoughts. It is difficult to find, but they are. Express the final result. You must be able to successfully defeat yourself. But not a word about how to achieve these results. Not a single word. At all. This is a list of person must achieve. But why? This is not a musician. Well, apparently, very much like that.

I am not tired, because I am tired of giving it. Yes, everything is there. Talking about what you’re talking about. And if you look at it, there is none at all.

“The instinct of self-preservation”

You can’t know what you are saying:

– “Purebred people do not attack their own kind.” (p.202)

Everything, in principle, this can be completely finished. 282, and deaf nationalism, turning into Nazism. Genetics fucking. It can not be considered at all. Especially after such statements. And again, there is not a word about psychology.

Oh yeah, at the same time, we find out that the authors (recall “Wind&Blizzard “) you can’t get it.


About the bandits. SOBRovtsy drove in the trunk of thieves in law. And they’re shouting by the “male behavior”, they immediately lose their human appearance.

The head of “Truth”

There are truths that are connected to punitive psychiatry (invented by rotten imperialists). And they should live according to some fifth truth, which is “lobotomy”:

“In our society, you should only remain a lobotomy – this is the fifth truth.” (P.208)

For whom, it is true, do not explain anything. Fucking logic … And why was this chapter at all ???

“Russian note”

Well, thank god. Finally, dotted all the “E”. The textbooks resembled the textbooks of the FSK and the early FSB. Look for the net. And you can not look. Familiar words, familiar terms, familiar terms. Even the topics will be familiar. Immediately you can use it … There is no only one. Once again fucked and thrown on the money.

I will not comment. I can only say that it’s still there. Plus, “Shoot”, again, homosexual, 5.11, beautiful instructors, videos, Glocky. All the evil of the damned rotting west in two parts. Sorry, but I will not quote IT. I’m lazy to reprint.

And the last section “Application”

Here it is interesting, and I have already talked about this. Here are photos from seminars and “Wind Center” classes on pistol shooting. And I will say only one thing. I see the same Magpul? Same TCA? The same krav-magu? Why do I see all the same? I wouldn’t be banners and Orthodox prayers. But then why the hell? Rabinovich, you either remove the cross, or wear panties …
Well. It remains only to sum up (disappointing, alas).


The thing is, I started reading wrong. I first read “Shoot”, and then “Rezinostrel”. Books go in reverse order. And now it is very noticeable. “Rezinostrel” – he is a calmer, he is a calmer. Less hysterics and sputtering. “Wind-Center” stupidly fucked readers. The chapters are written very well. But how is the purchase? The person looks at the design (literate), in the name (sensible). Then he takes the book (it’s very good and correct). Then he goes to cashier and pays the money. In this case, 1000 rubles per book.

When he arrives home, he has been deceived, because you’re never been able to get it. says that the book was rewritten 7 times. Apparently, just so that extremism is not sewn. This is a regular nationalist little books of rather low quality.

But “Rezinostrel” all the same is different from the “shoot” for the better. Thoughts in it. Yes, 22id pages of God forbid But they are. And some chapters are not so upset by Orthodoxy, Russianness and other nonsense. Do you have any questions? No, not worth it. Understand that there is a need for more than this … Here … “Creativity”. This is not a “Methodological Guide.” This is a completely stupid book, which is incomprehensible. But you don’t need to buy and read it.


Book Review &# 171; Rezinostrel&# 187; from the team of authors &# 171; Wind center&# 187;

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