Ricochet when shooting fraction: causes and

Shooting in the shooting range and at the shooting range can teach a lot, but such training cannot prepare you for one thing. The thing is that when firing at stationary targets, a bullet or shot gets into them almost at a right angle. Well, maybe with minor deviations. But in real shooting, and even in rough terrain, the phenomenon of rebound may be observed.

And if a ricochet of a bullet is a rather ordinary, predictable and in some cases even expected, then a ricochet when shooting with a shot is a complex and dangerous thing that it is almost impossible to predict. However, there are several important points to know …

Regularities of rebound when shooting shot

Usually hunters encounter the phenomenon of rebound, and most often when shooting with shot. That the beast behind the tree will hide, then when shooting at the waterfowl you missed the target, then something else. And in all these cases, the fraction, instead of being stuck peacefully or flattened on the surface, will ricochet, and in all possible directions, and even without any special loss of speed.

But if, as we have said, you can know what to expect from a single bullet, then where each of the hundreds of pellets will fly – the devil knows. This is the whole danger.

The following patterns are worth remembering:

  • ricochet angle about 2 times the angle of contact;
  • the lower the speed of the pellet, the greater the angle of the rebound;
  • the larger the grain size, the smaller the rebound angle.

Dangerous situations

The most dangerous situation when a fraction ricochets from the water. Just because the rebound effect will be observed at a firing angle of just under 13 degrees to the horizontal, that is, to the water surface. And such a fraction almost 100 meters can overcome, creating in the process an even larger area of ​​destruction. When hit in a tree, the striking range becomes noticeably smaller, only the shot charge will dissipate in completely unpredictable directions.

Special studies have been conducted on how the shot will behave when firing in such conditions. They took a gun of the twelfth caliber, loaded it with fraction number 7, and then began to shoot at a large angle at the ground, from a distance of about 15 meters. And behind her another 15 meters tall was a human growth target. And what would you think? Depending on the type and hardness of the soil, from 30 to 60 pellets did hit the target, and some even pierced it through.

Similar shooting was conducted with the number 3 fraction. And here already almost all the fraction ricocheted, especially if they were firing on the surface of the water.

Consequences of the rebound fraction

After the rebound, the shot punched a centimeter wooden board. What she can do with a fragile human body – guess yourself. However, this effect can be tried in personal self-defense situations to use – for shooting, for example, at a partially concealed target. Just be prepared for the fact that the shot rebound can occur in any direction, so try to be at the moment of the shot as far as possible from the point of defeat.

In general, the rebound when shooting shot – an extremely dangerous thing. There are, for example, cases in which a pellet fired from an air rifle from five meters bounced off a target at a right angle with an arrow in the forehead. Or in the eye. In physics, this phenomenon is called “absolutely elastic shock”. The energy of the collision is not enough to deform one of the materials, but to reflect it back is enough.


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