Rifle shooting at fast moving targets

AT operational clash Opponents appear quickly, moving fast and hiding. You need to work out these goals.

Dynamic firing techniques. Shooting in most cases will have to stand and “from the approach.” Shooting in this position, difficult in itself, is complicated by the fact that target moves for her defeat is limited.

Combat shooting by fast moving target It is an agreement on the orientation and muscle orientation. at the same time learn skills dynamic shooting without appropriate methods is almost impossible.

There are several ways to shoot at moving targets.

Forward aim target line. The goal is not hit. It takes you the time of the flight. Therefore, it’s possible to meet this point.

Holding distance

Practiced in general practice firing waiting goals in mobile combat work is ineffective. The so-called “personal error” of the shooter. The most effective, accurate and rational type firing in dynamics – After the shot.

It is as follows:

Shooter seeing fast moving target on the front, throws up rifle “It’s a bit easier than a bit to make it”. A free run is selected. The goal is moving, rifle barrel It is a rumor that is just below the required aiming point. Rifle little goal than her. The shooter begins to make it. Rifle sight the amount of the selected lead. Without stopping the movement rifles, The shooter “squeezes” weapon towards the target.

The above exemplary process is called “shoot with eyeliner”. The angular velocity and the displacement weapons close to each other. It has been shown to be complete. Anticipation of the bullet.

Leash weapons it has also been twisted together.

For successful shooting at moving targets It is necessary to train the following elements of dynamic shooting:

  • rational mobile rack and tab;
  • fast and accurate vskidku weapons;
  • accurate and competent target lock;
  • straight and steady leash (target tracking);
  • fast but smooth (without jerks) trigger pull.

Listed items shot at a fast moving target – This is a form of rationally organized behavior, as well as ballistic and inertial properties. weapons.

Items shot at a moving target There is no difference between the rules and the movement.

Rifle training

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