Ripsaw EV2 – civilian tank, collected by pre-order

If you hear the word “tank”, then you can’t make it out. takes all the damage. Or, far more likely, a hefty, multi-ton tracked chassis vehicle with a cannon turret. Of course, there were flamethrower tanks. If you are on the Somme River during the First World War. But the essence is the same. It is not a bad agile. And it is legally used. Hows and Howe Technologies – Ripsaw ev2.

Yes, despite the lack of weapons, it is also a tank. Too cool, proud and on tracks. He was also a civilian, even though he was designed for military purposes. That is, it can buy an ordinary civilian. It is a few hundred thousand US dollars, and it also waits for six months.

But about the whip is pretty. Let’s go to the gingerbread. It has a decent set of features. Let’s go for a ride with it. It is also the fastest tracked vehicle. Diesel engine Ripsaw ev2 has a power of 600 horsepower, with a rather small weight. It is not possible to find out how to use it.

Each such tank is also made to order, which is why it costs such money. And the customer chooses decoration. It would be interesting to look at the tank. Ripsaw ev2 in the style of steampunk inside. An impressively sized touchscreen display. Undoubtedly, there are still many other options, both basic and embedded by the customer.

Ripsaw ev2 &# 8212; pre-ordered civilian tank

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