RiutBag – a backpacker

… while he is on your shoulders. This is a backpack with a high degree of protection against thieves. The backpack was fastened from the back. And inside there is a whole set of assorted pockets, and a compartment for a 15-inch laptop. However, it’s not easy to get anything from the backpack.

Options RiutBag R10 RiutBag R15
Height cm 47 47
Thickness, cm eight 14
Width cm 36 36
Width of the section for a laptop, cm 25 25
The length of the laptop 38 38
Thickness of a laptop for cm four four

By the way, a second generation backpack is being prepared for the exit. For the 15-liter unit for the backpack (10-liter for the model-for-80 euros). In the second generation, the manufacturer promises a more thoughtful assortment of pockets. There are two models to choose from:

  • RiutBag R10 with an internal volume of 10 liters
  • RiutBag R15 The volume of water is less than 15 liters, with each bottle of water. It is convenient to use the backpack. Its weight will be about 1.3 kg.

It was postponed to February.

Backpacks and pouches

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