River fish parasites

For some time, there is a persistent tendency to live. And I come up with some pseudoscientific explanations like “this way more nutrients are saved” and “that means we should”. It’s not necessary to say that you’re not happy.

Someone may object – “They eat fish and sushi and nothing!”. Yes. There is a lot of peace. Personally, I do not like this. Sensible people, I suppose, too. Therefore, you need to know something. river fish parasites cooking methods that would completely eliminate them.


Let’s start with the general information. As the main parasites of the river fish, we will consider various groups of flat and roundworms. They most often choose this letting interaction with other living beings. It is not a problem.

It is a form of carrier lays eggs, which enter the environment. Eggs are small and extremely large. Accidentally and deliberately, but they are swallowed by the first intermediate intermediate carrier. It is not clear that there is a need for a caring for the body. carried And then – how lucky. Some species live peacefully in the liver. And some enters into other tissues of the body, where life is almost imperceptibly no longer possible.

In the course of their life river fish parasites The human immune system. Usually they succeed. In addition, it is the reaction of the body. And they also eat. All very fun, however. But these are common words, since each of them may have its own characteristics. And now it will be about them.

Diseases and features

  • Opisthorchiasis. The disease caused by hepatic flukes of various kinds. As the name implies, it affects both the liver and bile ducts. Have this river fish parasite two intermediate hosts – freshwater mollusc bitinia (which looks like a pond snail). The most of the risks are those of the freshwater fish, the dace, the roach, the rudd, the carp, the tench, and the asp. Clinical manifestations begin 2-3 weeks after eating infected fish. They are non-specific – up to 38 and higher (sometimes), indigestion, plus intolerance to fatty foods (bile = splitting fat), and bile ducts are blocked by flukes.
  • Clonorchosis. Called the Chinese fluke. The fish carriers are slightly different, they are not the same as the fish carriage, the crucian carp, and the fish farms.
  • Diphylobotriasis. Called wide ribbons. Yes, these are the same multimeter worms that are found in the intestines. Copepods, then in muscular tissue of perch, ruff, pike and salmon fishes. Clinical manifestations again, non-specific. Weakness, flatulence, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, irritability, sometimes – an allergic rash.
  • Nanofietosis. It is called the smallest trematodes (one and a half millimeters long), Clinical manifestations – persistent and persistent diarrhea, weakness, in the long term – anemia. Carriers of this river fish parasite chum salmon, Amur whitefish, grayling, minnow, Amur shirokolobka and the Far East.
  • Anizakios. Challenge to those people who shout that “there are no parasites in the sea fish!” More like they are. Cod fish, herring, salmon, perch – in all these little harmful organisms. The clinic is a typical gastrointestinal disorder.
  • Ligulosis. This is the intestines of bream, roach, rudd, white bream, and roach. Fortunately, fish intestines. And if the fish gut, then there is nothing to fear. It is healthy and healthy.


Not so difficult to destroy themselves river fish parasites, how to kill their larvae and eggs. There is no need for any environmental impact. Therefore, it’s not possible to do it either extreme or rather long. So.

  • Cooking At least 15 minutes, but better than 20 after boiling water.
  • Frying. Similarly, it is even more meat.
  • Smoking. The main thing is to withstand the allotted time. By its end all potential parasites will be destroyed. We will tell you in other articles.
  • Ambassador Salt weight should be 20 percent. That when dry, that is when wet salted, small fish is considered safe after 13 days of treatment. When the temperature joins, the time is slightly lower – 9 days. Time for 2 fish.
  • Freezing It all depends on the temperature. With deep freezing (-40 degrees) fish is considered safe after 12 hours of hours. And with usually very cooling (up to -4 degrees) – only after 15 days.

Time for complete complete destruction. river fish parasites, However, I think this is not advisable, because there is a risk. It is a little better than a hundred percent.

What to do if, despite all the precautions, what do you feel? Visit a doctor. Fortunately, you can’t be cured with the pills. It’s a weaker immune system, persistent allergization, or even worse.

It is worthwhile to consider it as a matter of gross negligence. There is, however, another option – fish grown on special farms. Here, it’s not strictly there, since they follow it extremely strictly. But it wasn’t it.

River fish parasites

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