Roasting meat over a fire or in the corners of a fire, roasting meat in clay, foil and earth, cooking raw meat without fire.

Roasting is the preparation of meat in its own juice in a reliable airtight shell over a fire or in the corners of a fire. Roasting meat is a more complicated process than cooking, roasting or stewing. If you do not create an airtight shell around the meat and cook it on an open fire, then a thick, hardened, charred, dry crust may form, not suitable for food. And small pieces of meat can dry and harden.. 

Roasting meat over a fire or in the corners of a fire, roasting meat in clay, foil and earth, cooking raw meat without fire.

The most ancient, simple and effective way to save meat from burning and deep drying is to bake the whole carcass of an animal over a fire without removing the skin from it. Other ways to protect meat from fire is to wrap it with foil or a special film, coat it with dough, clay, fat. Before baking, you can fry the meat until a thin, protective crust is formed. You can bake not only meat, but also fish, crayfish, snails, fruits, vegetables.

. A piece of meat weighing about 1 kilogram is baked for about an hour, 2 kg – about 2 hours. It is better not to bake larger pieces of meat. When the product is ready, the clay shell must be broken and the bird removed. In this case, the feathers will remain in baked clay.

Roasting meat in foil.

The principle of baking meat in foil is the same as in clay. The carcass of small or medium feathered game should be gutted, if possible, plucked and cut into two halves. Grate with salt. Wrap in 2-3 layers of foil. Lay the bundle on the bottom layer of ash and cover it with charcoal. Next, maintain a small fire on top. If the meat in the foil or in the dough will be cooked on a solid sheet of metal (baking sheet), then under the parcel with the meat you need to put raw branches at a distance from each other. If brown spots begin to appear on the foil, then the dish burns.

Roasting meat in the ground.

Salt a whole carcass of small or medium feathered game, grease it, and wrap it in burdock, water lily and maple leaves. Tie the bundle with a bast. Dig a hole. Lay a bundle of meat. Cover the ground with a layer of about 3 centimeters. Tamp and light a bonfire from above. Ready time from one hour.

Cooking meat without fire, planing.

Stroganina is a very frozen, raw meat or liver, cut into very thin pieces. Dipped in salt, sauce, mustard, vinegar, pepper, you can eat such meat.

Raw Sirloin Steak.

Large game meat (moose, deer, roe deer) should be separated from the carcass along the spine and allowed to cool. Then let it “mature” for about 12 hours. Peel the pieces of the fillet from the film, beat off a little and cut very finely across the fibers, make minced meat. Make a round cake from the minced meat. To salt. Add pepper and other seasonings. Sprinkle with herbs.

Raw meat appetizer.

1 kg of meat + 2 tbsp. tablespoons of vinegar essence + 3 onions + 1 head of garlic + 1 tbsp. tablespoon of salt + 1 teaspoon of red pepper. Cut fresh tenderloin (elk, deer, roe deer, game meat breast strips) along strips of about 5 centimeters long. Put the strips of meat in a container and pour in a solution of acetic acid. Add chopped onions, garlic. To salt. Add pepper. Close the meat container and hold for 2 hours, shaking the container periodically.

Based on the book “Survival beyond the threshold of civilization”.
Nagorsky S.V..

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