Rob Pincus, a renowned shooting instructor, found the house of robbers

You all say: “It’s cool in the USA, there you can shoot any stranger in your house! The second amendment to the constitution guarantees the citizen this right! Oh, how it would be nice if we were allowed to do the same! ”And all in the same spirit. Say, any American at least once in his life with a gun in his hands was defending himself from a crowd of armed gangsters on the threshold of his house. And yet, in fact, situations are more likely to occur, contrary to what our citizens have invented for themselves. For example, one famous shooting instructor once found the houses of robbers, and …

But first about the “hero”. His name is Rob Pincus, he, as we have already said, is a professional instructor in shooting, practical, defense and tactical. Among other things, Rob is the founder of a small and tactical training center, the author of several really effective self-defense techniques with firearms and a person actively supporting the second amendment, civilian weapons and weapons culture in general. It is logical that he always carries a concealed weapon with him – a pistol, and in the car – one more, plus a carbine and ammunition. Who knows what? Rob Pincus not only knows how to shoot the attacker, but is quite able and able to do it, judging by his track record in the ranks of the US armed forces, and then – in the police and then – in private security.

So, relatively recently (well, as recently – about one and a half years ago already, but the case is so significant that it literally became canonical, and is used by all competent instructors in courses and seminars – editor’s note) this interesting citizen, almost by chance passing by the empty second the house belonging to his beloved wife, notices that the door is open. And not just open – hacked! And from the inside, some suspicious sounds are heard quietly, but distinctly.

And what does Rob Pincus do? Takes a position to shoot through doors and windows? Carefully penetrates the house, with arms at the ready? Makes a couple of warning shots so that crackers understand that they will feel bad and hurt now? Not. He just calls the police and drives off to a safe distance.

We have already mentioned this case in the article “Is there a firearm? This is not a reason to be heroic! ”, Where they talked about possible options in a situation where outsiders are at home, and the consequences of trying to defeat the foes themselves. Our advice then and now is to call the police and not to go.

This is exactly what the most experienced shooting instructor did, who with a probability of 90 percent would have emerged victorious from any gunfight, and safe and sound. He did what he recommended to all his students – he avoided conflict and left the police to deal with the situation. By the way, it should be noted that the cops, although they arrived pretty quickly, could not detain the violators.

Rob Pincus told about all this on his Facebook page. He did not specify what exactly this situation cost him. And, frankly, did the right thing.

Yes, he did everything right. Since the principle of self-defense is based on not getting involved in a dangerous situation. But if you got involved, then act as quickly as possible, tough and effective. Yes, it would not be difficult for him to put all the burglars, the blessing on his side were surprise, knowledge of the terrain, and skills, and, most importantly, a law that would really allow him to shoot burglars. But the shooting instructor chose not to expose himself to completely unnecessary risk. And he reached the goal – survived. And even if something was taken out of the house, then this is nonsense. Material wealth can be acquired, but recovering from an accidental bullet wound is much more difficult.

Actually, this moment should be remembered by our domestic comrades, who, alas, the law limits much more. And who will wait for the police much longer, because, as some say, the police do not like to stop crimes, but to investigate and find the guilty is another matter. But it does not prevent. Danger well, well.

So our compatriots, unlike Rob Pincus, would have to watch the developments with the understanding that nothing can be done. Alas, as long as there are no normal laws of self-defense in the country, this is the only strategy that will not lead a person to problems with the law.

Rob Pincus, a renowned shooting instructor, found the house of robbers

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