Robbery and hooliganism on the street, general measures of protection and prevention of robbery on the street.

Again, start with prevention. Well, where did you get together looking at night? Want to run into a robbery? Stay away, and in the morning, early … No, do you have to go? Then take a piece of paper and draw a map of your route. At the same time, remember that in a night city the direct route is not the shortest and not the fastest. Given that you’ll have to get distracted by five fights and three rapes along the way. 

Robbery and hooliganism on the street, general measures of protection and prevention of robbery on the street.

Shortcut is the safe route. First, go right. There, two hundred meters from the police station. And if that, you have the opportunity to run to him. The next strong point is the fire brigade garage door. There, people do not sleep even late at night and you can hope for help. Even if they are not “02”.

you will not run far. Let’s leave these high-heeled shoes on and put on lightweight sneakers. No, still shoes? Then heavy, with a massive toe and a sharp heel. Which may come in handy in close combat. If you fight off your feet. Clothing is preferable fitting. So you can’t be seized by her. But not a skirt! The skirt should be wide, allowing you to take a full step.

Here is this music player. Of course, going with him is more fun. But so you can not hear the steps of a creeping maniac. Leave the player if you do not want this music to be the last but one in your life. Bags. Leave these bags to you. First, they attract the attention of the potential agreement (this is how much good can be in them!). Secondly, they occupy hands. Well, how will you fight back if there is a robbery when you cannot raise your hands? No, that will not do. During night walks, hands should be free. If it’s so for you to drag these things with you, put them in a bag with a shoulder strap. And still leave.

But take the gas can offered by the owners of the apartment. And also ask for a meat cleaver from the kitchen. Will he help or not another question. But gaining more confident manners and gait will definitely help. Take the can, but leave the money and valuables. Pick them up tomorrow. You do not want? Then hide it. Find a more reliable place on yourself. Found already? So what is this? Underwear? You are not original. Everyone finds the laundry. And they check in the first place also the laundry. But the outerwear … Spread the lining of the cloak. Or not, not a cloak, you may have to give up a cloak. Spread the lining of the jacket or jacket, put the money in there and sew it. Just do not pop the money in a pile, so they can be noticed. Better lay out in a few thin packs.

It is even more reliable to use not a jacket, but a trouser leg or the hem of a skirt. There, in general, no one but the rapist will stick up. Or shove money under the insole of your shoes. Well, of course, they will slightly remember and smell, but they will remain intact! Where else can you hide money and valuables? Sew in a hat. There no one will ever guess. Push one bill into a tie and press it with a clip. Following the recipe for “diamond” smugglers, wrap bandages around your leg or arm. And to make it look more convincing, smear red with bandages.

Put money on your back with a band-aid. Put it in one of the halves of the tights torn in half and wrap it anywhere on the body. Jewelry can be thrust into the same shoe, but now having pierced the sole, in a hollow heel. That we have not used things that can be carried in our hands. For example, according to the recipe for film convicts, a loaf of bread or a loaf of raisins. Which can be cut in half, squeezed indentations, put money or values ​​there and put the halves together. Or drown rings and money in plastic bags with cereals, in a jar of sour cream. In a glass of yogurt. In a kilogram of dough. Put in a tin can cut in the middle and glued with a circular piece of paper. I will not continue. Train your imagination.

Well, everyone hid it? All in vain. Something needs to be left, because not one robber will believe that you went out into the city without a penny of money. And start to search. And will find. So leave some of the money in order to pay off if there is a robbery. Better to lose a part than all. On that preparation for a night trip around the city will be considered completed.

General measures for the protection and prevention of robberies on the street.

We open the door and go. If possible, not alone. To the nearest safe place, oblige you to conduct the owners of the apartment where you were staying. Or one of the guests, even those planning to go the other way. Nothing, right there, two steps, well, what is it worth them. Got it? Look for someone to molest more. There is a couple who got off the last bus. Most likely husband and wife. I wonder where they are going? And does their route coincide with yours? Even in those two blocks. Well, here’s another quarter of the way home. If that goes on. Or maybe it will. If you stop that police car.

Well, I beg you! Two bullies have just chased me! Well, what will I do if the three of them catch up with me? I alone can’t cope with four. Give me a couple of stops: And then I myself! And then, if these five find me … Why are you in trouble at your station with these six maniacs pursuing me…

Another quarter of the route. Who else would you take as your allies? A passenger car braked very close by. She braked herself. And four smiling short-haired guys offered to give a ride. Is free. No thanks! Even if the driver was alone. All the same, do not! Better on foot. Well, really, no one will help a lone passerby walking at two in the morning. Yeah! Trolleybus emergency gang. Come on here! Well, you are almost at home. There is literally nothing left! But, as luck would have it, it is here that a surprise awaits you. In the form of that bad company or that won’t swaying ambal in your direction.

And now what i can do? Best to avoid meeting. God saves man, who save himself! Slowly, without speeding up a step and not showing your fear, go to the other side of the road. If there is a clear threat, turn onto a parallel street, walk a few blocks and walk back behind that dangerous subject. Well? Going to your side? Speed ​​up the step. But do not run. Do not incite the pursuit instinct in your pursuer. Not far behind? Not! Maybe it’s better to run? May be. But only at first, estimate your and its possibilities. How many of you can run faster? And count the distance that separates you from a safe place. The same post of GAI.

Do you manage to run to it while the pursuer catches up with you? Not? Then slow down and be lazy so that you can’t guess about your intentions, look at a couple of houses, establishing your exact location, and go to the street telephone booth. Dial 02. And, passing along the telephone disk, but not touching it with your finger, a few more numbers. Well, as if you are calling a buddy. Or friend.

Great, Zinka! Although the phone rings.
Yes, I decided to call. Still beeping.
Long time no see…
Militia is listening!

Fine. In extreme cases, you can yell into the tube about your distress. But it’s better to do both in the book and the film “The meeting place cannot be changed.” So that all that needs to be said, and that the enemy does not understand anything.

My situation here is not simple. Zing!
Hey who’s indulging there?
Well, yes, they say that I am indulging. And I do not dabble. I got into such a position that even hang yourself…

And so on up to the phrase “Well, you, Zina, I have a woman of understanding.” And continue the conversation until the patrol car arrives. And if the enemy guesses, shout “Guard!” And your address. And still, spend time explaining that by such a technique you call your married lover. And hope that help comes soon. Does not work? Is the enemy aggressive? Then get ready for the unpleasant but inevitable.

General rules for dealing with the threat of robbery on the street.

The general rule in case of threat of an attack by a robber or a bully is the preemptive action of the criminal. If I may say so, the struggle for initiative. You should always strive to go half a step, a quarter of a step ahead of events. Passing along the night street, you saw a suspicious type in the gateway. For the worst, assume that he is waiting for you, while most people, on the contrary, in a half-faint state approaching the danger zone, hope that everything will work out. They really want to hope.

Assess his physical capabilities, try to discern whether he is alone or not, whether he has a weapon or is missing. At the same time, evaluate the topography of the area where to run if necessary, where to hide, what to use as an impromptu weapon, how to call for help. Such a brain scrolling of possible events in the near future is the method of anticipating criminal incidents. The criminal does not yet know whether he will attack you or wait for the next victim, and you are already ready for defense. Just do not think that living, following such rules, will be unbearable.

No, only at the very beginning, while a habit has not yet developed, you will need to perform conscious actions. Very soon, you will learn to count options and choose the only right solution at a subconscious level. Soldiers at the front trained this in a matter of days or perished. You will know what and when to do without thinking how to walk, how to breathe. Well, don’t you tell yourself really: now I’ll rearrange the left leg, the right one behind it. Walk and all. And do not fall. And then you still won’t have time to think about what can be expected around that bend, and your legs will already take you to the other side of the street. State of emergency did not happen.

Now about the action itself. Before you is a criminal, before the attack, you are sure that there are seconds left, you will not have time to leave. Try in a fast, offensive manner to speak with a fast potential enemy. Just do not whisper, speak confidently, in a full voice. Perhaps he expects from you completely different reactions; you are a victim, you need to be afraid. Confuse him. Ask for a smoke. Ask for time at the same time see when he lifts his hand if he has any weapons. Ask to tell where the house is.

Draw him into the conversation, wait for the approach of other passers-by. By the way, the longer you have a conversation on a friendly note, the more difficult it is for him to attack you. Anonymous people are easier to kill and maim. Just do not make sudden movements, do not go into your pocket so as not to scare him. Further, a conversation with a criminal can develop either in an aggressive one, if you feel weakness in him, or in a tearful request, if you catch a note of doubt, in tone. When a criminal, instead of immediately hitting or showing a weapon, begins to threaten, this is a good sign. This means that he is not ready for a crime and is trying to warm himself up with the help of threats and curses. Answer him word for word.

I understand that your heart is pounding at the heels and your jaw is shaking. You run headlong hunting, not a character to demonstrate. Nothing, get together, believe in your own strength. If you don’t believe yourself, who else can you believe? The criminal is a tone taller than you are two. He’s a mother you are the same obscene, but in two floors. And God forbid, he will catch your fear. You can’t fake it here. Just as it is impossible to tighten the skirmish, delaying the robbery. To infinity, verbal crescendo is impossible to build up. Sooner or later, you have to connect your hands. Therefore, on the top note you took, shout something like “Yes you went!” And sharply go away.

If you played the part correctly, he will not pursue you. Better to wait for another, less aggressive victim. Perhaps he, even if he was ready to fight not for life but for death, would feel relief. It is useful for such cases to memorize a couple of dozens of criminal slang words, so to speak, to chat on the hair dryer. Perhaps they will take you for their own. Moreover, speech spiced with such a vocabulary convinces the criminal more than the most refined literary language. You shouldn’t shout at an aggressive robber, especially a tantrum (this, by the way, is the most dangerous category).

On the contrary, you should muffle the flame of hatred inflated by him, in a calm, sensible voice explain why it is impossible to rob and beat you today: you do not have money, you go to the dying wife in the hospital, your apartment burned out, the doctors discovered your cancer, Your wife threw you into a bitch, you found out that your embezzlement was uncovered, or the police found the three corpses that you buried in the park. In short, anything to bring down his aggression and at the same time convince you of your futility.

I remember once in a trolley I had the recklessness to ask not to swear at the women of three not sober two-meter-high fellows. After which he was supposed to lie down to rest on the floor. But he didn’t go to bed. Because I entered into a half-hour, sustained in soft and respectful tones, a discussion about whether it is permissible, while being in public transport, where women and children go, to make comments to other passengers. At the end of the conversation, I became almost the best friend of three well-done hooligans who wanted to turn my head to the side before.

Instead of a mat, exclamations were heard: “And we are a little you …!”, “If, Andryukha, whoever comes over you, whistle us. We give them legs … heads … ears …! ”And as the apogee of recognition“ Well, you are the king! .. ”As well as constantly repeated assurances of eternal friendship, handshakes and offers to provide me with their qualified services upon request. And I already thought that I’ll go all my life with my nose turned to my shoulder. Lucky. Found a topic for a mutually interesting conversation.

And although, in fact, he spoke to them about obscene behavior, he did so in the least irritating plane for them: they say that these fellows only with Schwarzenegger, and with these passengers or the police they will call, do not respect themselves. Well, it means that it’s better to be quieter while maintaining for more worthy deeds. That’s what hit it off. But they were amateur hooligans. It’s easier to negotiate with them, because they are looking for adventure, not a sacrifice. Another category of street criminals is looking for victims: a professional robber. You won’t take it for fear, you won’t pity it with a tear. You can try talking, but also hardly. This one knows what he wants.

When meeting with a professional robber who went for a robbery, the most reasonable thing you can do is give him money. A professional robber does not need your life, he needs values. And you can lose the first, that is, life, only on your own initiative, trying to protect the second, that is, your good. So, I do not advise. Having received the desired without resistance on your part, the burglar will likely prefer to hide, perhaps by weighing you a couple of cuffs. In the case when you feel sorry for losing your property and money, divide them, as I suggested earlier, into two parts. 

General rules of conduct when threatening street hooliganism.

In situations when you are stopped from hooligan motives and, therefore, the criminals are not interested in your wallet, but you yourself, or when the robber is not satisfied only with money and valuables, it is permissible to use active methods of protection. Try running away a few steps to the side, scream piercingly, whistle a whistle (it’s good to be with you constantly), tear out a number of povesist from the fence or bench, demonstrating your desperate determination to defend yourself to the end, just do not stop screaming. Criminals do not like excess noise and may prefer to retreat.

Even more convincing is the stone thrown into the windows of the nearest residential building (here you will not be screaming alone), or a storefront broken by the same stone. If the burglar is not a complete idiot, he will quickly realize that a police patrol will quickly arrive at the alarm that triggered the alarm (the stores here are much more reliable than the lives of citizens) and that he has only a few minutes to retire. I think the robber will run away, the robbery will not take place, and in the worst case you will pay for broken glass. Not the highest pay for saved life or health.

The attacking criminal can be stopped by shots from gas and “non-lethal” weapons, gas sprays, irritating spray cans, cosmetic and household sprays (varnishes, dichlorvos, etc.) and just sharply smelling and corrosive liquids: vinegar, ammonia, onion solutions, can stop the attacking criminal and loose (exact word!) substances: pepper, salt. That’s just to use all these means of forced defense must be skillfully. There are many cases when a criminal, tearing a gas canister from a confused victim, immobilized it with them. We must firmly grasp:

Spray cans, etc. improvised defenses are not intended for blackmail (“Get away from me, or I’ll press!”), But for attack. And the one and only. If the first failed, the second may not be. The offender, if he is, of course, not a complete mess, will have time, having assessed the degree of danger, to react and respond with a preemptive and most likely much more traumatic blow. That is, you only aggravate the situation by angering the villain with your unsuccessful actions. Only one attack and only “on the spot”.

Talk to the robber, distract his attention, make him look to the side and instantly grab the protective equipment. Just practice at home so that it is really instant, or often the victims, who have not held their own weapons in their hands since the day they were acquired, cannot find the right button at the most dangerous moment. Bring it instantly and as close as possible to the eyes of the enemy. The farther the distance, the more likely to miss. And also take into account the direction of the wind, so you do not cry later if it blows in your direction.

If two opponents start with the one with the weapon. Second, if you can’t spray it, try to stop it with the heart-rending cry of “Now you, as your friend, will die!” And threatening lunges of your hand in which you hold a spray can or stun gun: “What if it’s sarin, phosgene or another poisonous substance? Looks like a friend writhes? .. ”Remember, any action of an annoying gas weapon is momentary. And, having “turned off” the enemy, one must use the time gained properly either to run away from him or to “finish him off”.

It is better to run away to busy sections of roads, to well-lit shop windows (which can also be broken), to places of possible crowding, stops, cinemas, etc. If you want to ask for help, try to disturb the sleep of the watchmen of nearby offices or residents of lower floors of houses. Try to report the incident to the police from any pay phone that connects to “02” without a token. In any case, try to escape as far as possible from the place of attack. If the pursuer is behind and does not see you, try to change the direction of movement.

Usually fear leads us in a straight line, which criminals are well aware of. Try turning into the side streets. If there is a clear power imbalance, when it is initially clear that it will not be possible to break away from the pursuer simply neither the length of the legs nor the breathing room is enough, try to hide in the darkness of the nearest gateway or square. But this is only on condition that the criminal has lost sight of you for at least a second. For example, after applying an irritating aerosol or an unexpected blow. When harboring, it is important to consider that any, the smallest movement against the backdrop of a frozen surrounding landscape immediately attracts attention, but complete immobility can be invisible even near.

Remember the experience of mantis, chameleons, butterflies and others, insects, which, frozen among the foliage, become invisible until you touch your finger, you will not find. As a refuge you can use shaded pits, including water-filled, sewer wells (where, even if you find you, not every robber will risk climbing), dense bushes, low benches, under which there is dark and at the same time enough space for a lying person tall grass. In the courtyards there are garbage cans between which you can stand and which you can climb into and even dig into the trash (when it comes to life, you must admit, not to squeamishness), cellar window openings, the space behind the wide-open access doors.

You should always prefer shelters from which you can exit in any direction, and avoid deadlock shelters. Hiding in a shelter, one should not try to keep clothes intact and clean. Every moment is dear to you! While you are looking for a place cleaner and drier, the offender may notice your figure moving in the shade. Lurking, you must be motionless, no matter how close the villain comes. Even when you hear a meter away from you, “Let’s catch a kill!”, Do not jump up, do not scream, and do not try to get deeper into the shelter.

Any, the smallest noise or movement can reveal your location. Bear as much as possible! Harness your fear. Only absolute stillness and silence can save you. Only a short-distance champion can escape from the shelter when a criminal is nearby. After all, you still need to jump in, and the stalker is already on his feet, he only needs to lend a hand. In extreme cases, if you suspect that another step or two and the bandit will certainly see you, try using the factor of surprise to attack him first.

It is best to do this during the chase to arm yourself with some impromptu stitch-cutting or just heavy weapons: a stick broken out of a bench by a pole, pieces of bricks, stones, bottles, etc. In extreme cases, use some kind of weapon as objects lying around in pockets: penknives, sharp pens, pinched like a brass knuckles of a bunch of English keys, or a large drive key that is dangerous like a stylet. Even an ordinary magazine, if you roll it into a tight tube and hit the enemy with a narrow end in the face or throat, can cause serious physical injury to the attacker. Because in this form it will become hard as a board.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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