Rubber hemostat harness VS tactical tourniquet harness

Not always “new” means “best.” Not so long ago, the military units. Compared primitive Ist (Israeli Silicone Stretch) – Israeli silicone hemostat, and more advanced CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet), the so-called tactical turnsni turnstile. And surprisingly, won simplicity. But about everything in order.

Rubber hemostatas against tactical tourniquet: who to whom?

Israeli military – guys harsh. Conducted a scientific study of all the rules. With a bunch of measurements, standards, different initial parameters and even calculation of error. However, statistics and math, we will not hammer your brains. But we will tell you about the experiment. So.

Ist – Silicone long tape, but in essence of the application – the same rubber hemostat. Adopted by the Israeli army since 1980, and more than once proved the effectiveness. It is clear that it has been shown that it has been shown.

CAT – an advanced “tactical” tourniquet – velcro, plastic buckles, a lever for tightening, a stopper that prevents unleashing, all things. Adopted in 2012. For a long time, the first-aid kits had both an IST hemostat and a CAT turnstile.

This is the HapMed Leg Tourniquet Trainer, which is a tangling of the femoral artery. Measured:

  • effective blending time
  • overlay efficiency
  • force of application – maximum pressure withstand
  • overall effectiveness.

The medicine

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