Rule of Three D, or Fool, Shotgun and Road

Remember the story of the Mercedes, who jumped on the road with a shotgun in hand, was he driving to meet him?

He then formulated it this way:

“I met, in my lane, a Volvo SUV flew out, blocking my passage. My request to let me pass through I do not go on the opposite, I do not go on the sidewalks. But I hate boors and cattle. You do not like Mercedes? At home, beat your head against the cold heating. Cad is pump gun – so it means to be. I’ve gone back, removing the smell in the cabin.

I’m not saying that I am 100% right. If you are traveling along your lane, freaks parking where are you comfortable? I will personally answer all those who have been commented on these pictures. I apologize to all those who are hurt. “

Opinions of the facebook community, as usual, are divided. On the one hand waving The cattle must be carried away. And as Oleg Ladyzhensky aptly formulated, “cattle have a peculiarity: it is not always you!”

Let’s see. Can be divided into two categories:

  • A planned attack is time.
  • Spontaneous conflicts are two.

Planned attack – This is, in essence, the case for the criminal. A planned attack is a robbery, rape, abduction, murder.

Spontaneous conflict – It is a ritual duel between the two males. Attempt to measure, who trunk longer.

It is important to retreat. Obey. In short, dominate, humiliate, and if not inferior – beat the face. Violence here is an optional element, most often. Monkey dance, as he is.

This is a fundamental difference between attack and conflict. When attacking violence can not be avoided. In the conflict – it is possible. It should not have been used. When attacking without violence can not do. Quoting Tim Larkin: “It’s not the answer.”

So what happened between the drivers “Merc” and “Volvo”? Of course, the reference, one hundred percent spontaneous conflict.

The following is a rule of thumb for the following:

Detect, De-escalate, Defend

Detect – mind, understand, be aware of the approach / beginning of conflict and evade it.

De-escalate – if you didn’t have to evade, engage in de-escalation.

Defend – defend yourself if nothing else remains.

Now back to the driver of the “Mercedes”. Do you think to jump out of the car with a shotgun Is it an escalation or de-escalation?

And if from the “Volvo” came out the three bodies with Kalash? No, of course, it would be possible to throw a grenade at them, now it is fashionable. But what if they have one too? It could be fun. Do not give way to someone. And most importantly, that could have happened (options: selected shotgun and stuck in the ass; kicked the brains out shotgun; shot the car; wounded bystanders) – no way, well, no side. It is noted that one of the valiant law enforcement officers.


Do not be a cattle. Do not wave the barrel. Barrel, like a member, remove immediately before use.

In the most elementary version: Give the Fool Road!


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