Rules of conduct for a chance meeting with a bear, what to fear and what to do.

Any hunter can sometimes meet a bear by accident. For example, hunting small forest game or squirrel. Should I try to kill the bear, or is it better to stay away from the predator? Every hunter should know that bears are currently shot only with special permission. Therefore, he does not have the right to shoot a bear. 

Rules of conduct in case of an accidental meeting with a bear, what to fear and what to do.

Every hunter who does not even plan to meet a bear should know about the habits of this beast. In order not to be in the role of the victim himself. Most often it is possible to meet a bear with cubs in the forest. Usually a bear does not attack a person, but, fearing for her babies, she will do everything to scare him away. With the help of a formidable growl, impulsive movements in the direction of a person, the she-bear shows the troublemaker that he is best off.

Rules of conduct for a chance meeting with a bear, what to fear and what to do.

In this case, the hunter should step aside. Or, hiding in place, wait until the troubled mother takes the cubs away. In no case should you discover your fear in front of the beast, as bears, like all predators, acutely feel fear and can attack.

And, of course, one cannot approach cubs, even if they are alone. It should not be forgotten that the she-bear is necessarily somewhere nearby and in an attempt to protect her offspring she will certainly attack.

Meeting with a male bear.

You can unexpectedly meet a male bear. Typically, such meetings occur at the feeding places of the clubfoot. In a raspberry, not far from a slaughtered animal, they either fell on the floor with oats, or simply on a forest path. Usually such a meeting is a surprise for a bear, and he, having announced the surroundings with a low roar, hastily disappears into the thicket of the forest.

But it happens that the bear is not scared and approaches the hunter, growling menacingly. You can not turn and run or in any other way to discover your fears. Better scare away the clubfoot with a loud scream or shot in the air.

In any case, a meeting with a bear in the forest more often is an extraordinary case. Therefore, it is impossible to predict all possible situations. It all depends on the reaction, quick wit, self-control, the behavior of the person who accidentally ran into a bear. But, undoubtedly, these recommendations will be useful to every hunter who is going to wander with weapons along the forest paths..

Based on the book The Encyclopedia of the Avid Hunter.
G. Luchkov.

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