Rules of conduct for emergencies: a meeting place with relatives

The environment is critical for saving lives. It is worth talking about the situation. Be sure to learn (and even better – carefully examine) the following places:

one. Protected space (RFP) or protected room (LC) of your apartment (houses) – first of all, determine where the RFP will be located in the house Mamad or Mamak (inside the house). This is what the spacequakes and fires should be. In houses (apartments) without MAMAD or IU should choose protected room, located inside the house, in accordance with the instructions of the Logistics Command. Remember: Qassam attacks) and therefore, it’s better to find out. Take advantage of family talk for briefing, or for the selection, definition and designation of the AC. It becomes clear ZP or ZK in the house.

2 Location of accessories equipment in case of emergency – Family members are not always able to tailgate as much as possible. Do not fit in the bag (fire extinguisher, emergency light). It is very important to make sure that all members are members!

3 Selection reliable places for shelter and self-preparation – Be sure to indicate where you are in the house (in addition to the RFP and ZK). It is a common practice. (Sewer manholes, walls (in each house) “Qassams”), places for shelters, etc. This is a case in point.

four. Mark vulnerabilities – it would be possible to damage it. etc.). It is not a problem. It can be located near you.

five. Connection points for gas and electricity – It has been shown that it’s not a problem.

6 Ways to evacuate from home – if it is necessary to immediately leave the apartment. It is necessary to clarify. . If you’re trying to make it, you can remember. Make sure that there are no self-propelled objects (for example, on wheels) and there are no flammable substances.

7 Meeting places – In some cases, it may be forbidden even to approach it. Do you need to go? Make it and get there. Remind in this case emergency bags, which should, if possible, be taken from home during an immediate evacuation.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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