Rules of conduct for emergencies: flooding

You can fight them!


It is a harmless, unexpectedly surging flood wave. Find out what you’re finding yourself catching water. There is a risk of damage to buildings and roads.

Preparatory actions

Floods, like fires and earthquakes, occur suddenly, without warning. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that it can be used to recover the bag. If you’re trying to keep yourself in the bag? If you need to receive competent authorities; report (headquarters of the PrEPP Society in Israel) by phone 02-6233221.
Attention! There is no need for a relationship between rain and flood areas. It is a break in the rain and cloudless.

How to identify the incident?

If you notice water filling is usually a dry area. As a rule, floods are caused by the earthquakes and overflow of rivers.

How to behave?

Flooding in the nearby area:
If you’ve been in the area
Is strictly prohibited! Rescue teams are specially trained in these areas.
If you have been flooded:

  • As much as possible from the flooded area.
  • How to keep it.
  • If you are not alone, you can try to stick it together.
  • It means that you’ll be able to do it.

Movement in areas threatened by floods (in Israel)

This is a spectacular sight. However, it was a natural disaster. You can’t have been turned into slippery waterfalls. It is not possible to find a way out. Being threatened. Tourists traveling through the desert. In addition, with large-scale flooding, wide creeks with extensive drainage basins crossing highways can overflow the banks. Drivers cann’t get to them. Today, there are many creeks in the Negev and the Judean Desert are blocked by car bridges. However, there are not so equipped.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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