Rules of conduct for emergencies: Shelling by conventional weapons

Missiles and long-range missiles (DDRD) turned into something really existing. It was a chance to make sure that there was a chance to make it. Go to the right behavior during rocket attack.


A population guide has been drawn up for use of conventional weapons. If you are aware of the situation, it will be distributed training instructions (sealing rooms, gas masks, etc.).


It is a blast wave (or an explosive) a danger in themselves). Some missiles are also dangerous – they are called “non-conventional weapons.” It is used as a conventional or non-conventional. If necessary, more detailed instructions will be given in advance.


It is very important to prepare for the shelter during a rocket attack. First of all, you should choose MAMAD or an individual shelter (located deep in the house). In the absence of such shelter, you must select the protected room. You should make sure that the space or room is located. It is imperative to allocate a train to a trainer.


Siren or explosives are heard.


It is a quotation of the Qassams which has been defined as:

When inside the building

You should immediately enter the window.
If there is a problem in the building of the walls, windows and openings. If there is no such room, you should exit the staircase.
If you’re not in the room
The building is equipped with a MAMAD.

When you are outside the building

On the built-in area of ​​the building.
It’s safe to take care of your head.

For drivers and passengers

On the built-in area – get the building shelter.
It’s safe to take care of your head.

If you follow the instructions, follow the instructions after 10 minutes.

It is advisable not to approach the ground. In such cases, you should drive away the police.


Ghazi Strip and the Ghazi Strip in case of firing of Qassam rockets“.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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