Rules of conduct

Israeli mortar fire.

Command Civil defense IDFSilence This is a substitution for the rear of these actions.

How to prepare a home and family

In this case, it is important to note the time of the shelling. You can hide it in the private bomb shelter. If they are not available, select the protected civil defense command.

Familiarize all family members with their protected space. It is important to determine the extent of the bag. Protected space must be equipped as instructed.

How to identify the incident?

“Tseva Hell” (“Red”).

How to behave during an incident?

If you are indoors, go to a secure room.

In the absence of a protected room:

  • Going into the room, from the direction of the threat to the room, with the minimum number of walls, windows and openings;
  • close the doors and windows;
  • Sit on the floor (below the window sill) and lean against the inner wall. Do not sit opposite windows;
  • There is a possibility to go to the floor below. If you’re meeting the staircase or corridor you can use it.

If you are on the street:

  • In the built-up areas of the building;
  • In your open area

If you are driving in a car:

Get on the road or go to the nearest building or shelter. If you’re not on the right side of your hands.

If you can’t follow the guidelines for the next 10 minutes.

Upon completion of the incident:

After 10 minutes, you can leave the protected space, unless otherwise indicated.

Do not approach unidentified objects. If you notice on the ground, prevent the security authorities.

Information prepared for the Israeli civilian portal Commands of the IDF, as part of the arab-israeli conflict

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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