Running as a workout to increase overall stamina

When it comes to a person? The development of such quality is endurance.

Running – the basics of the training process

It is a simple way to increase endurance through aerobic training. That is, in the running words, it’s time for 6 minutes per kilometer.10 km / h – note LastDayClub).

100 meters of running and 100 meters of walking. You can talk to your workout colleague. It is called the “conversational” pace of running. Training continuous First a day of training, then a day of rest. There are several exercises to stretch the muscles. It is also allowed to perform gymnastic exercises – push-ups, pull-ups and back exercises. You should feel lightheaded, but not tired. When you will be able to run freely five kilometers per thirty minutes, but not before. It can help to reduce your body’s abilities, and to overtraining. That will require additional time to recover. Here are some recommendations …

How to increase the amount of running loads and avoid overtraining

Increasing the number of training days from 2-3 to 5-6 per week.

When you adapt to training 5-6 once a week thirty 5% percent of the original value of 5 km. And in the first week you will have 1 day with increased load, in the second week – 2 days It is a decrease in the level of a decrease. The load can not increase to infinity. 35–40 km per week being limiter load. It is recommended to increase the amount of total load in one workout to 10-15 kilometers. It will be a fact that it will not be a problem. In the case of a load, it is necessary to reduce the load. It is very important to do not overdo it. Remember that overloading leads to overvoltage. It is a positive change in the body. It can be replaced by cycling, long walking, or swimming.

Sample weekly workout plan

  • Monday – relaxation
  • Tuesday Thursday – aerobic race at a distance of 5 km.
  • Friday – relaxation
  • Saturday – aerobic running at a distance 3 km.
  • Sunday – aerobic running at a distance 7 km.

In just a week 25 km.

It is necessary to increase the number of short distances (3 km), then medium (5 km) training distances. And most importantly – your diligence in achieving the goal! “I can’t want”, “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “once”, without skipping classes.

Productive to you workouts!

Author – Sergey Blinov, edited by Maxim Blinov
Edited by LastDayClub

Run &# 8212; workouts to increase overall stamina

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