Running hunt: advantages and disadvantages, recommendations on the choice of weapons and equipment

One of the most fascinating types of hunting is running hunting. It requires the hunter special concentration, readiness to go more than one kilometer, as well as special instinct, surprisingly well-coordinated actions with dogs – otherwise, one will not have to hope for decent prey. However, do not forget about the quality equipment – it also plays a significant role, the success of the hunt also depends on it.

  • Pros and cons of running gear
  • 2 Equipment Required
    • 2.1 Backpack
    • 2.2 Shoes
    • 2.3 Suit
  • 3 Which rifle to choose for chassis hunting?
  • 4 Dog for running hunting

Pros and cons of running gear

The most popular is hunting in the fall, in the middle and at the end, when the beast has already changed its summer skin for winter, representing a particularly valuable trophy.

One of the reasons why many experienced people hunt chassis is the ability to act alone, more precisely, in company with a dog only. Not everyone likes the hunt in the company – it knocks down, often does not allow to collect thoughts. Yes, and inexperienced beginners, or simply excessively noisy teammates, often cause more problems than good.

It is a running hunt that lets you know how well a hunter understands the habits of a particular beast, feels his dog. After all, the process of such a hunt is very unusual.

Experienced hunters know that a beast never runs away from a dog in a straight line – instead, it makes a big circle – most often from 1 to 5 kilometers – as a result, returning approximately to the starting point. The shooter, knowing this peculiarity, must demonstrate an extraordinary knowledge of the habits of the prey and choose the exact place where she will surely come running away from the dog. In order to know the terrain well – and this is the main disadvantage. If a hunter first came to a new place, he has to run a lot and quickly. Depending on which animal leaves the chase (each has certain habits and preferences), you need to determine which route he will take, and also quickly choose a place where you can set up an ambush.

So, on a running hunt, you need to be able to either run fast or it is great to know the habits of the beast. Otherwise, one cannot count on rich prey.


Required equipment

As already mentioned, it is very important to have the appropriate equipment – it provides maximum comfort, allowing you to stay on your feet for a long time. So, the likelihood that the hunter will return home with a rich catch increases significantly. We will tell about the most important elements of equipment.


One of the most important elements of equipment. In the backpack should be all that may be required during the hunt: a flask of water, a first aid kit, ammunition, and much more. In addition, a backpack usually consists of booty – wearing a pair of weighty hares on a belt while running through the forest is obviously not a great pleasure. Therefore, you need to choose a backpack suitable.

In the first place – the volume. Backpack for running hunting should have a volume of 30-40 liters. On the one hand, this size allows you to add everything you need, including loot. On the other – it is not too large, it will not cling to the branches because of the size, protruding beyond the contour of the owner.

The next important factor is the back. It must be tough. Otherwise, an unsuccessfully packed first-aid kit or flask will constantly put pressure on your back — within a few hours unpleasant sensations will turn into hellish torment. And to spend time on the transfer of things in a backpack in the midst of hunting does not always work. The stiff back provides protection for the back, even if the hunter in a hurry has abandoned the equipment without wasting time on his neat styling.

Finally, webbing. They should be wide and rigid. If you choose a model with narrow or soft shoulder straps, then with a large weight of the backpack they will be twisted and bump into the body. Due to discomfort, tiredness will come faster. And a pair of hares, hares, is already a kilogram of 10. So, you should definitely pay attention to this important criterion.

hunting shoesSuit

Not the last role is played by a suit for running hunting. There are special requirements for it.

The fabric should be light, soft, but durable. Consider that you have to walk a lot, move, change dislocation. Clothing must adapt to the hunter. Therefore, the presence of special “pockets” for ventilation (for example, in the armpits) that can be quickly opened and closed is an important factor. A good choice would be clothes made of velveteen or cotton fabric.

But camouflage colors in this case is not required. She will not be able to cope with her primary responsibility. The hunter has to move a lot, then go to the edge of the forest, then run along the trail, then cross the arable land. Camouflage is only effective when it sits motionless on the background of bushes.

In addition, experts believe that clothing for running gear should have bright elements. After all, they often hunt not alone, but it’s almost impossible to track the location of other shooters who are constantly moving. In order to exclude the possibility of an accidental shot at a person, bright, glaring elements are needed.

hunting outfit

What gun to choose for running hunting?

Now go to the holy of holies of any hunter. Of course, the conversation is about the gun for running hunting.

There is a lot of controversy here. Many experts prefer the classic double-barrels – “vertical” or “horizontal”. Like semi-automatic rifles, they have a rather long barrel, but their overall length is less, as is weight. This is very important, because walking during a running hunt has a lot – every extra hundred grams brings a moment of fatigue. Yes, and too long weapons will often cling to the branches.

A very popular smooth-bore caliber is 20. On the one hand, it allows you to beat almost the same distance as 12 gauge. But at the same time such guns have less weight, and the recoil is noticeably weaker. The last factor is extremely important – often when running a hunt, you have to shoot offhand, there is simply no time to take a gun, to take a suitable stance.

Some hunters, when talking about a weapon, a rifle, and a carabiner for road hunting, prefer. This is also a good choice. For example, the SKS carbine perfectly proved itself when hunting for a different beast. This is generally the ideal rifle for chassis hunting. Lightweight, catchy, rather short, it allows firing at a distance inaccessible to a smooth-bore weapon. After all, mining does not always run up to a distance of 30-50 meters, where you can make a confident shot from a smooth-bore gun.

If you install at least two or four times the scope for running hunting, then you can confidently beat the beast even at a greater distance.

SKS carbine

Hunting dog

Who provides the hunter with prey, driving the most different beast directly onto him? Of course, this is the best friend of man – a dog.

Breed can be different: spaniel, retriever, husky, labrador, hound and others. But they should all be perfectly disciplined, endurance. After all, the hunter has to go up to 15-20 kilometers for hunting. This is despite the fact that he goes in a straight line. The dog also has to cut circles, chasing the prey to the owner. Therefore, boldly increase the distance traveled by man, 3-5 times.

hunting huskyTo be in great shape, a dog must not only eat right (less fat, fast carbs), but also move a lot. It is foolish to hope that a dog that has spent the last three or four years in an apartment will show itself well during the hunt.

The dog must be trained accordingly. On the one hand, he must have a good sense in order to find the trail of the beast that passed several hours ago. On the other hand, the dog must have the right instincts. That is, it must drive the prey exclusively to the owner – not deviating from the route laid, not being distracted by external stimuli.

Having remembered all these simple secrets, you will surely always return from a running hunt, not only with rich trophies, but also with a sea of ​​positive.

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