Russian enterprises have created a new type of ceramic armor

For design of armored vehicles or personal protective equipment. At the recent Open Innovations Forum, the armor. New small arms.

During a recent exhibition, development companies demonstrated the so-called. nanostructured ceramic armor. It is possible to ensure that it is possible to use it. Ceramic armor It has been shown that it has been significantly reduced. This is a view of the level of protection.

NEVZ-Ceramics (Novosibirsk) and Virial (St. Petersburg) brought samples to the Open Innovations Forum. ceramic armor, made by different technologies and from different materials. First of all, these are products based on reactive sintered silicon carbide and boron carbide. It can be used to protect people from bullets and shrapnel.

Ceramic Armor Tiles

According to the existing technology, it can be produced. The ceramic block can be up to 205 mm long and wide. The thickness of the module is from 5 to 55 mm. In the case of a layer of protection.

The armored ceramics of the companies NEVZ-Ceramics and Virial may have different protection characteristics. Thus, as part of personal protection equipment, such as body armor, tiles can be used according to national standards. SVD rifle cartridge (cartridge 7.62×54 R) when used with the armor-piercing core.

According to domestic media reports, Novosibirsk and St. There are no rules for international standards. It has been shown that there has been a total of 12.7 or 14.5 mm. Naturally, such ceramics are not offered for use in body armor.

This powerful protection is intended for installation on various vehicles. Breastplate (Perm) developed by various equipment. It can be used for various types of weapons.

It has been reported. For this reason, they can find vehicles, vehicles, armored personnel carriers, helicopter gunships, vehicles. Thus, it can be used for the various classes.

Currently, domestic enterprises are working to create new types of armored ceramics, different from existing special properties. For example, there is an arm of absorbing a radio signal. This will not only protect the equipment from the bullets or shells. It is also possible to protect equipment from weapons that include homing heads.

It should be noted. For example, it has been the case. Then it was reported that the raw materials were abandoning its purchases abroad. In addition, some examples of the company’s participation in promising projects were cited.

From NEVZ-Ceramics in the direction of “Armored vehicles” Vladimir Markov, it followed that ceramics armored vehicles, Kurganets and Boomerang combat vehicles, as well as the Armata tank. State tests of ready-made combat vehicles were planned for 2015.

It is possible to produce up to 650-800 tons of ceramic armor per year. Thus, the company “NEVZ-Ceramics” for the year can provide up to one thousand combat vehicles.

It has been shown that it can be used as the exposition of the NEVZ-Ceramics. In addition, the Novosibirsk specialists are engaged in another, equally important area. Using various medical devices. From the special ceramics Non-military use are manufactured.


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