Russian high-precision sniper rifle “SV-98”

Sniper rifle SV-98 IGMASH Concert OJSC is a team of authors based on the 7.62-mm sports rifle Record-CISM. Externally and constructively, Record-308-SIZM borrowed a lot from the high-profile sport rifle.

CB-98 It is intended for the enemy to be in the distance of up to 1000 m.

TTX rifles SV-98:

  • Caliber mm 7.62x54R 7.62 (.308Win)
  • Weight without cartridges and optics, kg 5.50
  • Length mm
  • Without silencer 1270
  • With silencer 1445
  • Barrel length mm 650
  • Initial bullet speed, m / s 820
  • Sighting range, 1000 m
  • Rate of fire, rds / min 10
  • Capacity store count. cartridges 10
  • CB-98 is a non-automatic magazine rifle, designed according to the classical layout.

    Cold forging from a single piece. Trunk CB-98 Holodkovany GFM Austrian company from the city of Steyr. The whole forging process is controlled by a program from a computer. Billet formulated by the robot. After baking, it’s necessary to create a heat treatment.

    It can be seen that it is not a shooter’s scoop at 300 meters. Connects to a rectangular box with four pins. This whole structure is attached to the cradle with two screws. At the same time, the barrel remains freely hung out. A floating barrel is a common solution for precision weapons. There is a mounting point muzzle brake or muffler. Trigger pull adjustable.

    Muzzle can be equipped with a silencer. If this is not necessary, a protective sleeve is wrapped around the barrel. It is not clear that there is a pattern that can be seen. Accuracy, by the way, improves when using a muffler. Alternatively, it can be fitted with a flame arrester. The complete suppression of the muzzle flame. In particular, it makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption by 30%, which makes it easier to use.

    The bolt has three lugs. The trigger type of the sports type, with an adjustable triggering force. Fuse on CB-98 – behind the bolt handle. It blocks both USM and the stroke at the same time. Type of fire – single. Recharge manual.

    Food is carried out from a box-shaped detachable 10-seater store, it can be defined as the number of ammunition at its disposal. The store has a guiding mechanism that facilitates the situation and “in the blind.” It is a SVD with a lid. Shop rifle double row, molded from glass-filled polyamide with metal liners. The leverage is replaced by a lever element. 4 levers interconnected by axles in pairs in the center.

    Store in front of the rack. It is not necessary to say that it should be in the rack. Thus, it provides a simple, stable and secure mounting.

    The rifle is fully adjustable. Fly (adjustable vertically and horizontally) and 100 meters to 600 meters in increments of every 100 meters. The design of the vehicle has been borrowed from the SVD. However, unlike the Dragunov rifle, CB-98 It is a system for mounting the optical sight.

    Have CB-98 The box is directly known as “dovetail”. The box carries the upper mounting bar for scopes. This may be a 7-fold PKS-07, and a more powerful pancratic “Hyperon”, worked out according to the 3-10X42 scheme. For the night vision devices.

    Handgun rifle CB-98 has two elongated ventilation holes. Pistol grip made with a notch. Ergonomic data of the shooter. Cheek and a movable butt plate are provided. It is a rifle that has been adjusted. There is a bipod for folding in the box.

    Sniper rifle CB-98 developed for different types of ammunition, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

    There are a few different types of equipment that can be used to make it.

    It is a version of the “Piccatini”, also called “Weaver rail” (“w.r.” – “weaver guide”).

    The rifle has high accuracy, good steady accuracy. At a distance of 300 m, there is a circle with a diameter of 55 mm. A regular sniper cartridge with a diameter of 120-130 mm at 300 m. An experienced sniper is able to reach a distance of up to 1200m from the first shot.

    Sniper rifle CB-98 There are no limits on the level of fire safety.


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