Russian private military company

Private military companies (PMCs). This is the opinion of the military consulting company. RSB Group, Reserve officer Oleg Krinitsyn. Private companies in Russia. The document will be submitted to the State Duma. Krinitsyn also clarified how Russian PMCs will differ from Western ones.

– At the moment, PMCs in Russia are not legalized. And your website you position yourself as a “military consulting company”. However, Internet search engines designate “RSB-Group” as a “Russian private military company.”

– We are in a “gray” legal vacuum. The concept of PMCs was invented by Westerners to justify the “soldiers of fortune”, mercenaries and other adventure lovers.

It is not a formal military consulting company. Naturally, we provide commercial services. It is impossible to blame us for being an illegal armed group or mercenaries. In addition, we’re not there to be any conditions for this.

– What exactly is your company doing?

We have many directions. One of the main ones is to ensure the safety of ships. Indian Ocean in the Gulf of Guinea.

In the United States of America

– The global market for such services has long been divided. His main players are the Americans, the British and the French. We are not expected there. But our appearance (referring to the “SSR-Groups” in Africa – ed.) Is already surprising. I talked with my colleagues in Egypt in the Suez Canal area. They were amazed.

– It is a rumored Russian PMCs. Is it so?

– Unfortunately, this is so. Foreign private military guard Russian corporations abroad. Using the services of foreign PMCs, our country is losing global competition. We, as the military people, are not aware of their state of affairs. It is possible that they are recruiting among employees of the corporation or luring specialists.

Russian PM. It is obvious that such services should not be given to foreigners. I will be glad if the situation is correct.

– In 2007, employees of American Blackwater (now Academi) killed 14 civilians in Baghdad. An Iraqi court has punished four murderers. Is there any insurance against the repetition of such incidents?

Fighters of the American PMC Academi (formerly Blackwater) ©


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