Russian style of survival: Making firewood

So you found the right place. First, you need to make a fire. It is a hot water drink. In general, fire is life.

There are ways to raise fires from the sun. Do not forget about the wet weather.

Of course, you should always be taken along. The fire, then the thinner branches, then the thicker branches, then the firewood. Wash your body, chilling out your body.

Firewood procurement in survival

But you need to prepare firewood! Suppose What to do? Hang yourself? Not! Firewood can be prepared without tools.

Diameter and shape of firewood

What should be the wood? The simpler is the larger the diameter. Why? It can burn up to 8 hours. Thinner rather burned out. We’ll have to wake up, toss again, and watch him. It is easier to get it. Although it is thin trunks and can be perfectly used for cooking. But for slowly

It’s a bit of a mess. Punched logs burn much faster and turn into cold ashes. If you take a block of wood, then you will burn much faster.

What trees can I use?

Will always be damp. To dry, birch logs need a year (!) Dry birch is extremely rare in the forest. This is because of this, birch rots from the inside.

Pine and spruce are well suited. She also misses little water. It is a lot of sparks that can be burned through clothing. But there is enough. Rain remains dry inside.

It can be no longer used. Outside, it may not be noticeable. It will not burn, it will only smoke. In general, we do not take lying trees.

We need to dry. How to define it? On the trunk. In a dry tree bark disappears from the trunk itself. You can’t be touched, despite the fact that you can’t see it. Because of the need to flow through the barrel.

We’ve taken water through the bark Outside is dry, inside is wet. Cross out.

So, we found a suitable dry tree. How to knock it down? It is a dry water. The sun is shaken. This is slowly rotting. Therefore, simply by clicking on the trees, it’s possible to knock down. If you tear away, you can carry it along. All the little things must be considered. It is not possible to use it. Will fall ss

It is a time when you are standing. But you can dump relatively thin trees. How to bring you all night without a break?

You just need to create a longer lever. A hook and a knock it down. For the loop, you can use any rope. In the absence of a rope, you can use a belt, pants, jacket – anything. Knot on the trunk of a tree. And we begin to rock. Pay attention – dry wood should crunch. If there is no cod – look for another.

But what if the loop is not at all?

In the forest there is a bit. Pine roots are more fragile – especially when dry. And the roots of spruce – an amazing thing. He strengthened their visions instead of their nails. The ground of shallow. Its nutrient layer. They look like cords.

When digging, use a wand – if you can damage your nails, your fingers may begin to tear. It can be in the forest, without medication? The scheme.

If you are a woman, you can’t pay attention.

How to “cut” a tree without a tool?

In order to cut the tree, it’s thrown two or three trunks crosswise and set up fires at the intersections. They burn out pretty quickly (especially if scraping coal). When they burn out, they can make it out.

In the case of thinner trunks, everything is easier. We need to find two or three trees. We will use it (vice). The closer is the better. It can be in the unsuitable place (“even survivalist”). The tree should be inserted into the clip. Thanks to these properties.

Insert the tree between the trunks and pull yourself until it breaks. It is not possible to break evenly. If you want to go back to the top

How to knock down a tree with a knife

Suppose you have a knife – this is good. He will be an “ax”. A “cue ball” will act as an “ax” – a log of slightly longer (40 cm). Birch. A light enough and fragile pine will not work. In general, the best deciduous tree. It is better to remove the bark from it.

Where the tree is the tree. Approximately at the chest level. This method is suitable for trees with a diameter of about 20-30 centimeters. It is possible, of course, to “cut down” a thicker tree. The bark should be cleaned across the diameter. It can be cleaned up with a piece of paper.

It is clear that there is no problem with it. In this case, it is necessary to choose the chips. Now we do the same a little higher. It can be quite easily lost.

From the book of M.Didenko – “Russian style of survival”

Russian style of survival: Making firewood

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