Russian style of survival: Survive in the forest

Foreword from the editors. Being able to survive is one thing. At the same time, it is quite another. Fortunately, Mikhail Didenko is the first and second. And even he wrote, an excerpt from which we will give you.

Chapter 3. Week in the forest (On the verge)

It has been noted that it has been a machine gunner, a carton, a carton He appeared from the taiga, he was overgrown, wild, bitten by mosquitoes … It’s not a problem. ”

A. Sukonkin, the story “Broken Sight” from the book “Special Forces Bikes”

It is a work of artworking.

It is necessary to stop the training at least for a month (family, work, illness) and that’s it. Flexibility goes first. Behind her physical strength. The third is blown away by the cardiovascular system.

Yes, skills (automatism) remain. Some time. You can punch straight, you can hold your back footboard … And rely on it, too, is no longer possible.

What then remains? Remains the Spirit, character, hardened workouts.

It is the immortal spirit. Unlike strength and speed. Focus on practices, change your personality, not your body. And you will always win.

For example, it’s possible to make it possible for you to take care of you. In his case of his head. It is clear that it can be a step up for you to overcome your own instinct of self-preservation. It is a scamming pattern.

Here is the story of a contractor who has been trained in the field of training for a few days. 60 meters along the rope. A couple of descents and everything was decided. It wasn’t any situation. During the night of the transition, he was even paralyzed. “

It is a little bit more than that. improving survival skills. Three in one.

Spartans teenager Only after that he had to go home. It is clear that he could not return wild animals, a disease, a fallen tree, and even a dashing robber. But those who have returned.

We live in another time. For even just a week. Another passage from the VDVshnik story: “It wasn’t even we almost killed our commander Apparently, a person becomes the best predator, even a beast, even a man. It has been the SUPERPERSON. You are ready to go to the end. For you, you’re a little bit different. You are a predator, they are victims. This is a great deal of comfort. Looking for relaxation, I’m deliberately walking around, I’m looking for a wad ” I’m not sure, I’m saying, an overall guy, etc. “Gopes”, “just go ahead.” “

Therefore, it’s possible to take care of a special forces officer. Of course, in the summer (for a start).

There are rules, a knife, a knife, a lighter (or matches), a pot (or mug), but no more.

Again, no phone, it can be turned into an emergency. It’s a good idea.

No food – just what you catch or rip off. This is also the task of wit. Frogs, crayfish, can you catch fish. In addition, snails can be found in the wet coastal grass.

Then you can make it a little bit more.

But the most important thing is to live all this time alone. If you are going to “burst” what you “sink”. Sharpening your life for a long time. Include your internal resources. You will learn to rely only on yourself. It is clear that there is a chance to go further. From your personality. And the Forest will help you.

But the main thing is to reach the edge and slightly (!) Marry him.

You can get acquainted with the book itself (and purchase it) right here. The passage is published with the consent of the author.

Russian style of survival: Survival in the forest

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