Russians will be allowed short-barreled weapons

Alexander Nevsky short weapon will become law. According to the concept of the document, it will not be imprisoned per shot. The State Duma has been submitted to the State Duma.

The Torshin’s initiative is now actively being convened. Click here to see if you’re a member of the EP. This document will also be submitted to the presidential administration. The report will be ready.

The first thing is about amending the Federal Law “About weapons“According to this normative act, civilians have been tracked pistols (with energy standards), stun guns Covers and uniformed weapons (with no energy more than 25 J). Thus, the Federal Law.” On Arms “completely excludes all weapons.

The number of crimes drops sharply. You can hold a gun under the pillow.

True, there is a significant gap in the law. Do you have to go through the law?

“It’s necessary to fix it.”

How does this still be formalized? Currently, the Criminal Code (CC) is not defined as self-defense (art. 37). It’s a lawful practice.

“Self-defense” of the public organization

“For example, you can’t make it a matter of course,” she said. It is a very important thing to do.

It has been noted.

Experts are convinced that short weapon will not be turned against its owners. National characterization of the dry statistics.

It’s a chance. For example, in Moldova, where they drink even more than in Russia. There, since the adoption of the number of murders has reached a level of 8.39 per 100 thousand, a population of 5.9 in 2007.

Experts firearms into open circulation. According to their estimates, it is 1.5 million people and will grow by 10% every year. It is estimated at 1046 billion rubles.

– It has been an economic component that has been involved in the development of civilian arms, including engineering, chemistry, and light industry. Also, it will be more actively says Rogozin.

According to the report

In the report, experts conclude that short-barreled weapons. This will increase the level of the domestic military complex.


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