Safety during a fire show

Fire safety is what? This is the uncontrolled fires. They are at least a little bit different. I will tell you about fire safety during events, where the main role is generally prescribed for fire. These are performances by fiery artists. Fireshow fiery performance – call it what you want.

Spectator safety

I’ll tell you about the most dangerous fire performances. It is not a question of any kind. So you can see a group of people. There is a possibility that you can’t see it on the ground. So I advise you to linger and you are a potential viewer. fire show. However, you need to know some rules, however:

  • It is worth it. Artists will not start Get away from you. Particular attention should not be paid to children.
  • Should not be paid attention to people in a drunken state. It’s been a case where it’s been a man who stacked it. Fortunately, the man managed to intercept and pull back to the audience. If you really want to go on your own day, you’ll have to go to the gathering place.
  • Before the third rule. First, the ignited part is impregnated with a flammable substance (most often it is kerosene). Then, it is allowed to drain into a container, and after that they are thoroughly soaked. Only after that the instrument can be set. What is all this for?
    It’s true that it’s not. Contact, of course, is it possible, or, more unpleasantly, spoiled clothes. And now, in fact, the rule itself. It is a little more. There are two options. Either the artist needs to be dried, his colleagues.
  • Do not interfere with speakers. Not only the rule, but also a strong request. He’s distressed and he can get a little bit more distressed. Do not help speakers until someone asks for you. Most likely will be your request.
  • For the most intelligent and skillful. Not. You’re not seen. In addition, it is generally impolite (will you not take the drum from a street musician?). Also, no one wants to take on the possible responsibility. Do not embarrass yourself or the artists.

Fire show artists safety

And here it would be worth breaking into a long tirade. It was a tant came from. Let’s start with the basic rules:

  • The most important rule. If you are going to start, you want to speak with a twinkle. ALL tricks that are shown by artists fire show, HAZARDOUS for life and health. Experienced artist. It is not a touch of mind.
  • No alcohol. It was clear. It can be consumed only by a specially designated place. About this I will tell.
  • No loose hair. Girls, first of all it concerns you. If the hair reaches even to the shoulders, it has previously been soaked in water. In general, it is highly recommended to cover hair, for example, with bandanas. Will be more whole.
  • No synthetics in clothes. For example, pophakheet pops you need.
  • About the famous “fire breath”. It is highly recommended.
  • Soaking in gasoline Strangers, especially drunkards and children, should not be allowed into these places.
  • It is strictly forbidden to approach where their equipment is soaked.
  • To extinguish the fire tool do not water. For extinguishing, it is a tarpaulin that is used, so that it can be better, it is better to use it. In case of a burning instrument, it is necessary to complete the process. In cold weather, it is wetted can freeze. Therefore, it has been necessary to note that it has been in the past few years.
  • No need to approach. Not at all.
  • It has been found that it has been the case. Do not get too close to the speakers.
  • If you are acting alone, you can assist you.
  • First aid kit and fire extinguisher on speeches are required. It is highly recommended that you keep the water pumped out.
  • Each canister Utensils that were used for fire show, not used anywhere else.
  • If you are going to
  • The performance area must be level, non-slippery and non-flammable. Paving tiles fit, paving stones are already contraindicated. Otherwise show may end prematurely and rather tragically.

It is worth it.

  • There are various means for soaking inventory. In Latvia, where we live the most successful. It is a gas field.
  • In the city. There is a lower price.
  • If possible, wear out the fabric for a performance. It is no longer useful to use it.
  • If it’s possible, you’ll not be able to do this. It will be less noticeable when storing inventory.
  • After graduation fire show make sure the inventory has cooled completely. After that, you can wrap it in cellophane film. Otherwise you will need a foil. It is highly recommended for your tools.
  • Inventory should be stored in a dry place, and fuel should also be protected from sunlight. There is also an unpleasant smell coming from your tools.

This is, in fact, the audience and the artists themselves.

FOTIA – a team dedicated to fire views.

Fire to you!

Safety during a fire show

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