Safety rules at an abandoned facility

Abandoned object, it was taken out long ago (in fact, it only seems that way). It is interesting to wander through GO bunker. Unfortunately, recently tragic accidents at such facilities have become more frequent. Inexperienced, mindful of hot and adventurous heads. There are cases of death. In the case of the building of the building materials plant abandoned object and already laces berets. So learn this list by heart.

Make friends learn who are also drawn to adventure. Safety first!

Safety rules at an abandoned facility

  • Never don’t try again what you see in the pictures. Physical training and moral training. In addition, it falls, falls and injuries.
  • Do not attempt to penetrate an object., if you could declassify its location. It is not always obvious. At best, you can attract too much attention to you, which can entail responsibility, according to the laws. At worst – cripple.
  • Do not walk along walls object. Top can drop garbage that can hurt you.
  • Do not discard debris way down. There may be people under you.
  • Do not go to the facility alone. You can’t be without injuries. You may always need an assistant.
  • Do not jump down, however robust the design may seem. You can not be sure about the design. It will not be possible to find out about the structure, but it can be inundated with debris.

From the personal experience of the team member. As a result, the block broke and fell down with the man. Fortunately, he didn’t have to suffer from a slight injury. But it could have ended much worse.

  • Nothing do not touch or move debris. Can you get a lot of reaction and bring down the large masses of debris on you.
  • Do not touch powders, liquids. and other unknown elements. It can be a chemical reaction. Some parts and designs may contain heavy metals, which are quite harmful to the body. For example, lead to ceramics for a long time.
  • Do not enter flooded rooms and do not go near the wires. Water can be energized, even if it seems that the object is completely de-energized.
  • Do not smoke enclosed spaces. Spaces can be filled with flammable gases. Even dust, at a slightest spark. A discarded cigarette butt can cause a fire.
  • Do not enter the premises with a suspicious or unpleasant smell. At best, you can just vomit. If you’re trying to breathe, you can’t try it. This can be a sign of many toxic gases.
  • On the roof walk on ice. It is forbidden to stomp on any roof. You must move, evenly moving the weight on the surface. Wood or iron is PROHIBITED.
  • Never don’t stand on the edge. You can lose your balance and fall.
  • Use reliable equipment. More on equipment, we will explain later in a separate instruction.
  • Therefore, for the consequences. Be careful!

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    Safety rules at an abandoned facility

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