Salting game meat in a dry or wet way, salting game birds, salting meat of large wild animals, brine recipes.

Salting game meat is the most convenient way to harvest meat during a hunt stretched for several days. Since this procedure can be performed immediately after the hunt and then use corned beef at your discretion. Use in kind, dry, smoked, boil or fry, or add to other dishes. 

Dry or wet salting of game meat, brine recipe.

Salting of game meat is carried out dry or wet. Before dry salting, it is better to freeze the meat first, and then grate it on all sides with a mixture of salt, sugar, pepper and spices. In the process of salting, the meat absorbs salt and releases moisture, forming a brine that accumulates at the bottom of the curing dishes, covering only the lower layers of meat. Therefore, during the entire period of salting of game meat, it is necessary from time to time to shift the lower pieces up and the upper ones down.

and berries, lay in rows on top of the bird carcasses, pouring each row with salt, spices and herbs.

It is necessary to lay the carcasses denser so that less air space remains between them. For 5 kg of weight of peeled and salted poultry, 250–350 g of salt will be required, spices are chosen to taste. The coarser the meat, the more spices should be added to get rid of the unpleasant specific smell of game. Salting should last 2 days.

During this time, the game in the dishes under its own weight will settle a little, and a brine will form. On top of the carcasses you need to put a circle and bends weighing about 1.5–2 kg for every 5 kg of game weight. After 5-6 days, it is necessary to fill the dishes to the top with the same salted game, which was salted in parallel in another dish. After this, the keg is hammered in the morning and greased, and the container or enamel tank is hermetically sealed. Corked and salted game should be stored in a cool place and turned over every 2 weeks or, if the container is small, shake.

Salting meat of large wild animals.

Wild meat must be processed immediately after the hunt. Fresh boar, bear’s meat or sokhatin must be wiped dry with a towel, until the meat has completely cooled, to remove the blood. Then you need to remove the largest bones, weigh the meat, rub it on all sides with salt, dried in an oven or on a fire and mixed with spices. After this, the meat must be hung for final cooling..

When the meat has cooled, it should be transferred to barrels, enameled, as well as plastic containers or glass dishes. It is better to lay large pieces in the middle, and small ones around the edges so that there are no voids left. The bottom of the container must first be sprinkled with salt mixed with spices. When salting wild boar, sokhatin, venison or bear meat, you can use bay leaf, black, allspice and red pepper, ground and peas, juniper berries, spicy herbs and more. Moreover, their number should be greater than when salting game birds.

Each row of meat must be sprinkled with a mixture of salt and spices, and so on until the containers are completely filled. When the barrel is full, you need to cover it and grind it on all sides. If the meat is salted in an enameled or glass container, then after filling it must be tightly closed and put for 2-3 days in a room or other warm place, turning over every day. On the fourth day, the container can be removed in a cold place (cellar or refrigerator).

There it will also need to be turned over 2 times a week. For salting 5 kg of wild meat, approximately 350-400 g of salt will be required. To give softness to corned beef, sugar can be added to salt during harvesting (approximately 10–20 g of sugar for every 10 kg of meat).

Based on materials from the book “Fishing and Hunting Cuisine. Bowler, bonfire and night sky “.
Nesterova A.

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