Salvation with everyday objects

Imagine that you are caught in a severe snowstorm or wandered too far into the forest. Or, for some incredible chance, they survived a plane crash. There are no ways of salvation.

If you don’t want to satisfy your basic needs, such as water, food, water, food, then it can be inevitable. If you don’t have a kit, you can use it.

Dental floss

Surely the dentist has always been reminded. If you faithfully carry it in your pocket or purse, you can save your life.

It turns out that dental floss turn into a net for catching animals

You can also use dental floss make yourself some kind of shelter. Paragliders often carry dental floss in case they are stuck in a tree. Below, go down.


The most necessary is water. However, even if you’ve found a source of water, Here you can hold 4.5 liters of water, which is enough for you all day. It is filled with liquid. It is possible to fill it with water. In addition, this product can be used to keep other items, such as matches, dry.

Mobile phone

It’s understandable. If you can’t call, there will be a chance that the rescuers will be able to determine your location by mobile phone. The phone can be serve as a signal fire.


Bandanas have some kind of survival. It can serve familiar to attract attention possible rescuers, as a sling or headgear for protection from the sun. This item of clothing may be needed in both cold and hot conditions. It can be a little bit more heat in the heat. It helps you to get around the air filter serve as a bandage for dressing wounds.

Garbage bag

If you’re losing your way, you’ll find yourself using it. First, it can protect you from rain coat or windbreaker, you can crawl through. Of course, it is best if you have a large bag in a situation of survival. Filling it with leaves, you can use it as pillow or mattress worn from wet ground. A bag filled with water when the snow melts.

Wrist watch

It is unlikely that you will be in time in a situation of survival. However, wristwatches can come in handy. It can be quite sunny, you can use the watch as a compass. To keep this clock on the ground. Turn it up in the direction of the sun. If you’re in the morning, then it’s about 12 hours clockwise. If it is a day, it’s counterclockwise. North is the same line, but in the opposite direction. Although this technique is not 100 percent accurate, it will help you.

If you do not need a dial-up, you can’t remove the dial.


Shoelace medical tire in case of injury. If you have a hook, then you can become a fishing line. They can also be used for facilities quite reliable shelter, using a raincoat. Tie the laces together and tie between the trees. Throw a rainbow cover over the top, and use sticks as a peg.

Laces can even kindle a fire method of drilling with a bow. Lace can be a string of homemade bow. It must be tied around the core for drilling. This will hold it up.

Soda can

An empty soda can is another multifunctional item. If you’re getting lost, you can’t get it. Only a few days without water. Therefore, the search for water to do first. You can use a jar to collect rainwater or morning dew from plants.

Ring of cans of soda can be turned into fishing hook. Pulling the ring, bend the upper part to the loosen the angle. Form a sharp corner. Tying it to a cord, you can use it for fishing. Maybe even use a fire. It becomes a mirror. If you want to keep the tinder.


Of course, the socks keep your feet warm? Using socks you can collect water and filter it. Of course, it will help you to get rid of visible sediments and various insects. If you’re also able to get it safer. It is even better if you have a few drops of water. After adding an iodine Cotton socks can also serve tinder for kindling a fire. Collect as much as possible.


If you wear glasses, you’re in luck. In the situation of survival, glasses and fires.

The sun and the sun send a distress call. Rescuers can see the flash, which will facilitate their detection. If you need it, you can use it.

Kindling fire with glasses it is up to a mirror. It is suitable for glass purposes.

Sprinkles: socks, spanish moss and other lightweight materials that quickly ignite. If you want to see your eyes, you’ll be able to keep yourself in the sun. Adding ignition material until the fire is stable.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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