Sambo, the methodology of educational and independent studies, a training manual.

and physical performance.

Competitive activity helps to achieve the required level of professional physical readiness and sports results. Practical experience shows that training sessions and sambo competitions increase the body’s stability, its adaptive capabilities to the action of adverse factors.

Sambo wrestling contributes to the development of mental capabilities (intellectual, computational, spatial, operational, quick thinking), socio-psychological qualities and the necessary character traits (sociability, leadership, etc.), as well as psychophysiological reserves (eye, visual-motor reaction, stability of functional systems, visual and motor memory, concentration, switching and attention volume).

The endurance of a sambo wrestler is the most important physical quality, the development of which determines the effectiveness of the training and competitive activities of wrestlers. Other things being equal, the wrestler who is more resilient wins. In sports practice, there are general and special endurance.

Total endurance is the body’s ability to perform moderate-intensity physical work over a long period of time. Special endurance is the ability to perform technical actions of a different nature throughout the competition, held at a high pace..

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