Samolov shepherdess and blow, ermine mouth, trap pest for catching foxes, device.

For the extraction of small fur-bearing animals, sable, marten, column, ermine, previously used small samolovny cowgirl, blow and ermine mouth. A small pest trap was used to capture foxes near the holes. Their designs are in many respects close or completely repeat the traps of the mouth. 

Cowgirl on sable and harza, device.

The shepherdess is a miniature mouth and even in appearance is similar to the tundra mouth for the Arctic fox. This trap consists of a corridor formed by two rows of stakes, oppression (in the form of a thin log), a roma, a hoe lying on a stubborn stake, hammered into the ground, a thin rope (combat sim card) connecting the tail end of the hoe with a guard.

Samolov shepherdess and blow, ermine mouth, trap pest for catching foxes, device.

Chinese trap blow device.

Its structure is similar to the construction of a soil-digging mouth. The device of the guard system used in both versions of shepherds is described in the article Launching mechanisms of mouths, systems No. 9 and No. 10. All varieties of shepherdesses for sables are now almost completely forgotten and are not used in hunting practice today..

Samolov shepherdess and blow, ermine mouth, trap pest for catching foxes, device.

Ermine mouth, device.

The design relates to portable airplanes. In its structure, it is similar to a trough portable mouth, differing from the latter in several construction details and smaller dimensions. Set up this trap as follows. Take a non-thick (2.5-3 cm) board 60-70 cm long and 25 cm wide. Two rows of through holes are drilled along the long sides of the board.

One of the lines of holes runs along the edge of the board, departing 1-1.5 cm, the second is located 7-8 cm from the other edge of the board. The number of holes on each side is 12-14, the distance between adjacent holes of the row is 2 cm. The diameter of the hole is 1 cm. Stakes with a cross section of 11.5 cm are driven into these holes. The length of the stakes is selected so that the front pair rises about 25 cm above the board , and the last (with a gradual decrease in each next pair) to 17-18 cm.

Ermine Maw Design.

Samolov shepherdess and blow, ermine mouth, trap pest for catching foxes, device.

In the front of the plank, which serves as the floor of the mouth, stepping 2-3 cm forward from the first hole of the row (farthest from the edge), a through hole for the thrust stake with a diameter of about 2.5 cm is drilled. The thrust stake is tightened and wedged tightly in the hole (height 18 -20 cm, diameter about 3 cm). About 30 cm from the stop stake, a hole for the watch stake is drilled from the same edge of the board. Hole diameter 1.5 cm.

Watchdog stake (height 9-10 cm) is tightly fitted and wedged in the hole. The oppression of the ermine mouth is made from a piece of non-thick log (14-15 cm across) 120 cm long. From the bottom and sides, the log is choked. The width of the log should be 1 cm less than the internal width of the stake corridor, i.e. up to 12-13 cm. Instead of a log, a chopping block 10-12 cm thick is sometimes used.

In the front of the yoke, in the sidewall, a through hole is drilled (2-3 cm in diameter) through which the thin end of the rhombi is threaded – a thin pole about 80-90 cm long. It is possible to fasten the rhombus to oppression in other ways: in the groove cut into the bottom parts of oppression or at its end. The hoe is a thin planed stick with a length of 30-35 cm.

A strong thread is attached to its rear end – a combat sim card, and the front end, leaning on a persistent stake, serves, in turn, as a support for the Roma, which rests against the other end in the snow. The trigger mechanism of the ermine jaws is similar in all respects to the mechanisms of arctic foxes, differing only in the smaller sizes of individual parts. Currently, such airplanes are not used..

Trap pest for catching foxes at the hole, device.

Pestle is a samolov, mainly used to capture foxes from holes. The pest is arranged as follows. At the manhole, log walls are installed. The fox, leaving the hole, must pass between them and a heavy stump-pest, mounted on a 6-7-meter sled with a diameter of 17-20 cm. The pest with the sludge is held in a raised position by a wrench lying on a stubborn stake.

Samolov shepherdess and blow, ermine mouth, trap pest for catching foxes, device.

A rope is attached to the other end of the hole – a combat sim card. A gag-guard is tied to the free end of a combat sim card. In the walls of the corridor (closest to the exit), approximately 10 cm from the edge and 2-3 cm from the lowered pestle, small windows are cut at a height of 4-5 cm from the ground.

A shallow longitudinal notch is made in the window closest to the thrust stake on the lower surface of the upper log. The guard is a stick about 1 meter long with a L-shaped end. When installing a guard, it is threaded through both windows and hooks with a curved end to the middle of the side wall of the window (farthest from the watch stake). The straight end of the guard has a transverse notch at the level of the second window (closest to the guard stake).

The gag-guard holds the structure in cocked position, resting one end against the upper notch of the window, and the lower edge into the transverse notch of the guard. The fox, trying to get out from under the pestle, inevitably knocks down the guard, as a result of which the gatehouse breaks from the notch and the pestle, falling down, crushes the beast. Currently, the pestle has fallen from the practice of hunting and is not applied..

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of the Hunter.
Rudenko F.A., Semashko V.Yu., Cherenkov S.E., Matyunin M.M..

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