Samolov squirrel for a squirrel, an ermine and a column, the general device, the order of manufacture and guards.

A kulemka is a crushing squalor, characterized by the arsenal of islopians in that oppression, consisting of one log or pole (with or without additional load), hits the beast across the axis of its body, pressing it to the threshold. Kulemka is used to catch a variety of animals, from small ones: mole, affection, ermine, squirrel, to large ones, for example, a bear. Kulema to the bear does not kill the beast, but only infringes on its paw, holding it until the hunter arrives. 

Samolov squirrel mum, ermine and column, general arrangement, manufacturing procedure and warning.

Making a kulemka requires less time, effort, and material from the hunter than building a mouth or slop (the exception is the kulema after seeing it, as well as the wolverine). Small labor costs for the production of this kind of airplanes make their use cost-effective even for a relatively short time. So, a hunter can build a mummy “in case” in order to catch one particular beast (sable, wolverine) and not to use samols in the future.

Long-term operation of mummies is also possible. A characteristic feature of all terrestrial kulms is the presence of a camera in them, which is a fenced yard (pit, log house, deepening in the snow, between roots, in stones, ice floes, etc.). In the camera lay the appropriate bait. The presence of a courtyard limits the beast’s approach to the bait, bypassing airplanes.

Squirrel killer, general device, manufacturing procedure and guards.

Arranges a mum on a protein as follows. A heap of snow is buried near the butt of a tree and a niche is made in it with a toe — a camera about 20 cm deep. Before entering the snow cave, four stakes 3-4 cm thick and 35-40 cm high above the snow level are driven into the snow. The distance between the stakes of one pair 8-10 cm, between pairs of stakes 35-40 cm. Between the stakes they put and lightly squeeze the little sills in the snow, a stick about 2 cm thick and up to 50 cm long.

Samolov squirrel for a squirrel, an ermine and a column, the general device, the order of manufacture and guards.

A hammer is placed above the nut – a stick of the same size as the nut. The log-weighting compound has a length of 3 meters and a diameter of 7-9 cm. The weighting material rests on the snow at one end and is superimposed on the firing pin with the other. The stick guard is a stick 1 cm thick and 10-12 cm long. The guard is a stick with a small ledge at one end (for the gatehouse) and sharpened (for bait) at the other.

Caution kulemka as follows. They lift the log-weighting agent, put a striker under it and support the log in the center from the bottom with the end of the gatehouse, the other end of which rests on a small ledge of the guard, mounted on the threshold. It is enough for the squirrel to only touch the bait, the nano-guard, impaled, as the balance is disturbed, the guard jumps off the guard and the striker, under the weight of the log, presses the animal to the nut.

Squirrel mule, ermine, column, general device, manufacturing procedure and warning.

In its structure, this mummy resembles the mummy described above for a squirrel, differing only in the large size of the oppression and the trigger, called the chalak. Chelak is made as follows. Choose a dry board with even, longitudinal layers, 14 cm long, 2.5 cm wide and 1 cm thick. A transverse cut is made in the middle part to a depth of 0.5 cm. Then, the board is cracked along.

Samolov squirrel for a squirrel, an ermine and a column, the general device, the order of manufacture and guards.

After posleraskol formed two parts of the gatehouse. Depending on the modification of the chelak (b), a cutout for the guard is made on the lower part of the gatehouse. The guard is universal for both versions. It is made of a dry stick with a diameter of 1 cm. At one end, a cut is made to a depth of 0.5 cm and a thickness of 2 cm.

Modifications of the trigger mechanism of the chelak with side and bottom guards.

Samolov squirrel for a squirrel, an ermine and a column, the general device, the order of manufacture and guards.

In the manufacture of chelak (a), the guard is installed on the side, grasping the edges of both parts of the guard. Using modification (b), the guard is installed from below, so that it is held by the edge of the cutout in the lower part of the gatehouse and by the lower edge of the upper part of the gatehouse.

Using a chalak in airplanes, whose sill rises above the ground, it is good to tie the details of the mechanism with leashes of thin kapron thread, tying it to the sill so that it does not interfere with work. This will protect them from falling and losing in deep snow and reduce the time spent re-guarding the ballets or dies.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of the Hunter.
Rudenko F.A., Semashko V.Yu., Cherenkov S.E., Matyunin M.M..

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