Sarma Custom Made Torba-Mini: Remarkable EDC Bag

There is a sack?

Torba – a rigid backpack or shoulder bag, earlier from birch bark; has an oval bottom.

Um … Well, what can I say … We disagree with them, we are not … we were deceived. And immediately and completely. Why didn’t the authors decide to call the bag “Torba“But it’s a good idea.”

This is a normal EDC bag for normal people. That is, for those who are 24/7/365 ready for a zombie invasion; It is a very convenient thing.

One of the main advantages Torby – its dimensions. It is not a lot of room wear. It is a concept that it can be used to make it.

Despite her uniquely tactical nature, it’s not a problem. Does not look deliberate. Although, of course, it is completely civil. Rather, it is a good compromise between military and outdor. And at its best. Bag organically, except that in addition to the suit.

And at the same time, it’s in its class. This is not a huge bag in the bag. Perhaps her closest classmate, who can be remembered as an analogue, will be Proteus from Maxpedition. Conceptually Torba looks like him though Proteus more pouch, which is a separate bag. But Torba just successfully combines the one and the other.

In fact, we have been responsible for domestic purposes and a well-tailored transport compartment. But before talking about the cargo section.

In the urban format, it is a specially mounted weapon for small equipment. For example, a small tripod, a card case, a spare battery. Or a first-aid kit with a set of tools. Or spare gloves with a hat. It can be useful in everyday life. It is conveniently arranged in a load compartment. It’s not a problem.

It is a concept for the organizer. No extra details. No redundancy. If you come up with the mind, then you can pack a lot there. And not only stationery. But it would be a very good bag. But there is one thing. A very interesting thing.

The fact is that Torba It makes it possible for you to fully equip wearable equipment. And here lies one very interesting point associated with this bag. Usually, it is acquired to the existing equipment. Basically, Torba This approach makes it possible for the opposite point of view. That is, there is a certain “disturbing briefcase”. It is not always a case for everyone. It will make it possible to realize individual characteristics and advantages. You can say:

– Well, invented the concept and now it is spinning.

Having received Torba-mini (No, maybe of course, because I’m an idiot)? After all that I had. This type of bag is standardized. Look: since Maxpedition created their Fatboy and jumbo, all other manufacturers were stupidly copying these products. Someone has been trying to find out how to do it. But, in fact, EDC bags are now rather monotonous material. That’s exactly why Torba-mini Of course, it’s a serious bid for change.

You must be able to understand your needs. For example, even such an elemental thing with a tablet with a diagonal greater than 8? in the bag is no longer included. On the one hand, it can be seen as a disadvantage. This bag has been made. If you are not ready to use it, do not need it. It is not “everything that needs to be my heart”, but it’s not necessary. That is, you know, an educational bag. By the way, the same doctors Torba It’s a funky way to get it.

In the photo, we’ll see it in the photo, but everything is done simply. The main strap is a non-removable strap with a small radio stations. It doesn’t hang out. And adjusted and forgotten. Well, it’s a normal bag or a travel bag.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought of it. In fact, it is a large trunk that hangs around it. It is a classic bag, which hangs on its side. And, characteristically, it does not interfere. Just the same because of the very correct size. It is not possible to notice the bag, but moreover, it is not possible to infinite and not redundant. It is very difficult to use. As soon as it happens, it becomes uncomfortable. It is affected by the back ribbons.

In addition to the main two compartments, there are two small front pockets. It makes it possible for you to download the message from the bottom to the bottom. That is something for quick access (for example, a smartphone). It is especially pleasant.

This bag will probably be the fixing slings for attaching the bottle. They are located not the best way – on top. It doesn’t prevent access to the organizer. A disadvantage, but not critical. Yes, and remove these lines, if anything, you can.

I love you. It is a non-trivial task.

EDC equipment for an attacking pouches and Velcro panels, Broomstick bypassed Places for mounting only on the sides. Just for you, for example, Proteus), but without imposing additional functionality.

There is a pattern that appears to be an accessory. Everything. It is not necessary that the Velcro panel be taken up. So she does not take.

Well, before summing up it’s worth talking about quality. It is and there are many. More precisely a lot. For you to understand, it’s not stick anywhere. There are no sticks, no knots, no knots, no stick out, no spreads, no spreads and no spreads. Yes, you can ask a question on materials science. Because those who are accustomed to the same kondosti Maxpedition, The bag is not the slightest, it’s narrow, As for the EDC bag, the safety margin of Torbyou need to decide for himself.

But for now you can’t keep extreme loads? For me, but it happens. I didn’t read how many reviews I had on the bag. Well, again, this is a city bag. And if you need a pouch, then look away. Protheus and don’t bother yourself.

This makes it a bag of outstanding equipment. In the case of a medical EDC bag.

This is the possibility of wearing it. As a bag, as a baggage pouch (by the way, it’s the packing compartment remarkably well). It is convenient to carry a frontal cargo pouch. In principle, you can even adapt to a backpack, although the same Rush Bag from 5.11 In this sense Torba loses That is, buying one bag, you actually get 4 devices at once.

All of the above, together, makes talking of the price quite amusing. On the one hand, the bag is not cheap. It costs about 6500, and it can be 115 dollars. It seems like not the lowest price.

But keep in mind Maxpedition (in company with Hazard4, for example), as it is a competitive manufacturer of domestic sellers, it can be converted into image products. It is 50% pathos. And everything else is in functionality.

So, given the functionality, next to Torbo there is not anyone. Neither at the price, nor on quality, nor on functionality. This is an unequivocal must have, especially for such money.

I will be completely happy.

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