SAS: Special Forces of the UK

SAS – Special Air Service – Great Britain

SAS history

British special forces SAS formed at the Second World War. His slogan was the phrase “Who Dares Wins”. The founder of CAC is Lt. Scottish Guard David Stirling. In June 1940, he volunteered for the 8th commando battalion, later received permission to go through military operations. The formed part was given the name: S Detachment S Detachment. After retiring, Watchguard Stirling became a private military company. The company has become the prototype of the world.

In 1942, L Detachment 390 fighters and 1 SAS. Brigade was formed in Scotland in 1944. It was a consortium of two regs (1st and 2nd SAS), two French regiments (3rd and 4th SAS), a Belgian battalion (later 5 SAS), and a signal battalion.

It was decided to get a little bit more information about what was going to happen. But it was not possible to use the CAC units, “The Artists’ Rifles” in the 21st Special Air Service regiment (Artists are volunteers). Number 21 is the 1st and 2nd SAS regiments.
During the war in Malaya (1948-1960), 22 SAS regiments were formed from the “Malay Scouts”.

It was a jokingly called the “Kremlin” that was created by the Bradbury Lines. In 1963-1966, SAS fighters in battles in the northern Oman. In 1970, SAS needed help again in Oman, where they were supported from the territory of Yemen. The SAS fighters have been appointed as the SAS fighter in Northern Ireland.

In the late 1960s, mass clashes between Protestants and Catholics began in Northern Ireland. For their civilians. In the case of the IRA, I’m a member of the IRA and the British government sent troops. In 1976, IRA leaders and militants.

In the case of fires of defeat. He said he was “stretched out,” he said. At the same time, the dead members of the IRA often did not have weapons.

In 1977, SAS was regrouped in Northern Ireland: SAS had four units of 16 fighters. But in 1978, SAS was forbidden to ambush, and until 1983, the British Special Forces had not been destroyed by a single militant. However, the “Sasovtsevs” shot a bit of a 12-year-old boy.

In March 1988, another CAS scandal broke out. IRA members were unarmed.

In the 1980s, Sas tactics in Northern Ireland were the first loss of the United States. After this, SAS officers were very rarely sent to OAS (Operations) rooms. IRA, now IRA members were shooting, regardless of whether they were armed or not. The SAS has come to the SAS, which has been accustomed to more straightforward actions. In the mid-1980s, Paras were 52% of the total SAS fighters.

He said that he was a warrior, he was a unit soldier. The 1950s-1970s counter-partisan operations gave the SAS experience in counter-terrorism operations. SAS hasn’t been able to make any changes. Thus, in October 1977, they took part in the Mogadishu.

The most famous episode in SAS in London. But many experts say they were cold-blooded and unjustified.

In 1991, SAS units of Operation Desert Storm. In the 1990s, SAS special forces were involved in Zaire, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Lima and Kosovo.

SAS tasks

  1. UK government policy support;
  2. Conducting anti-terrorist actions;
  3. Training in guerrilla warfare;
  4. Capture or destroy items of interest or people;
  5. The accumulation of combat experience;
  6. Sabotage activities, raids, disabling enemy devices, objects, buildings.

SAS service

SAS personnel are formed only from the military units. Service life of officers – 3 years The CAC is usually 25-30 years. But who have been recruited in this regimen, since they serve for a limited time. The backbone of the SAS are soldiers and sergeants, usually from the working class. The only officers who remain are non-commissioned officers.

SAS recruits receive the title of the trooper – which corresponds to the “native” unit. It is not necessary to lose anything, but it doesn’t lose anything. If he returns to his former rank. The best-trained fighters make-up SAS Training Wing (training wing), this group selects new recruits twice a year. The bulk of the recruits come to SAS from Parachute Regiment (parachutists).

The 45-day division has already become a separate legend. All soldiers who undertook to undergo another five-month course of study, including ambush organization, demining knowledge, etc. After completing the training course, the fighters are distributed in one of the four squadrons (A, B, C, D). Each squadron has its own pattern. These groups are the main combat element of the regiment. Each unit has its own specialization. It is intended to be a scourge. In the case of fighters, they usually spend 2 years, after which they can move.

It is a sapper, a signalman, a signalman, a signalman, retired fighter. In addition to the 22nd regiment, the SAS has two more regiments (21st and 23rd) and the 63rd communications squadron of the Territorial Army.

During training, a SAS soldier usually uses the standard DPM uniform, which has a winged dagger emblem, and takes sandy-colored. But at the time of the operation, the fighters will receive complete freedom.

The Sighters Fighters If possible, it’s possible to avoid it. This is where the SAS used for the Gurkha soldiers.

For counter-terrorism operations, SAS fighters wear black Nomex overalls. It gives you a chance to make it clear. In addition, they use Avon S10 gas masks and assault body armor.

Armament and special equipment SAS

Weapons that SAS units use are very diverse. Here are some of the models used:

  • Pistols Browning HP, Glok 17, SIG 226 and 228;
  • Submachine guns H&K MP5 and its modifications, H&K NK53, Ingram M10, UZI;
  • SPAS-15, Remington M870 shotguns;
  • Assault rifles M16A2; Colt M4, Colt-Commando, H&K G3, ​​H&K G8, H&K G41, Steyr AUG;
  • Machine guns Minimi M249, H&K 13E, Ultimax 100, GPMG, Browning M2;
  • Sniper rifles FN, Accuracy International RM, Tikka M55, SSG 3000, Barret;
  • Heavy weapons – LAW-80, M72 anti-tank grenade launchers, MILAN ATGMs, Javelin and FIM-92A Stinger ATGMs, Mk-19 and SB-40 automatic grenade launchers.

The SAS fleet consists mainly of Land Rover jeeps and LSV light impact conveyors. In addition to vehicles, Agrokat mini ATVs, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Quad ATVs, Unimog trucks, DAF special trucks, Pinzgauer and Range Rover are used. Gemini and Zodiac, Klepper canoes and small underwater vehicles. SAS also has a Augusta A-109A helicopters. Helicopters, painted in civilian colors.

SAS composition and organization

The 22nd SAS Regiment is the main combat unit in the fight against terrorism. This unit of airborne troops, which is formed from the most persistent, resolute and trained volunteers. Their slogan “Who Dares, Wins” translates as “Who risks, he wins.” One company of the 22nd regiment is always on alert. The Bredbury Lines camp in Hereford. The Bradbury Lines are fenced with barbed wire; entrance to the barracks is possible only after passing a special control.

The 21st and 23rd regiments are support forces, but they also take part in combat operations. They are located in London and Birmingham. The SAS fighters are carefully hidden.

There are three personnel training centers:

The reforms of recent years

The number of special forces will be increased. In addition to the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) and the reforms, the reforms also touched the CAC. In 2004, there was a total number of times for all the terrorists.

SAS is one of the most effective counter-terrorism units in the world.

SAS: Special Forces of the UK

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