Sauces and side dishes for meat dishes, light and dark, recipes for the main, currant, hunting and cold sour cream sauce for meat.

Sauces diversify the composition of meat food, give it juiciness. And most importantly, they combine meat with a side dish in one piece. Boiled meat sauces are especially needed. The sauce for fried and stewed dishes is often the liquid obtained during their preparation, and cooked meat can be given the desired taste using various sauces. 

Sauces and side dishes for meat dishes, light and dark, recipes for the main, currant, hunting and cold sour cream sauce for meat.

By color, sauces for meat are divided into light and dark. By adding special seasonings you can get green, red or yellow sauce. When preparing sauces for meat dishes, broth, water, cream, milk or vegetable broth are used as a liquid. Flour is usually added to light sauces for thickening. Starch, diluted in cold water, is more suitable for the fatter ones that are served to the roast..

, fresh butter, tomato puree, herbs, spicy sauce, mustard. If egg yolk is added to the sauce, then it is mixed first with a portion of the hot sauce and only then combined with the finished sauce. You can’t boil an egg, because in this case it thickens and forms lumps in the sauce.

A pleasant taste of light sauces, especially to tender meats, can be given by adding a small amount of condensed milk. Seasonings that lose their taste during cooking are added by removing the split sauce. These are grated horseradish, mustard, lemon juice, wine and fresh shredded greens.

The choice of sauce for boiled, fried, hot and cold meat dishes.

Light sauces are served with cooked meat dishes, dark with fried ones, hot with hot dishes, and cold with cold dishes. But, as with any rule, here you can step back and show your remarkable ingenuity.

Ready-made spicy sauces for meat dishes.

Now on sale a huge number of diverse sauces, we have never heard of many before. On the labels of many sauces you can read to which dishes they should be applied. They can be used during extinction in small quantities. And it’s better to put it on the table so that everyone uses the sauce at their discretion and under their own responsibility. Place them on the table conveniently for everyone.

Some recipes for sauces and marinades for meat.

French marinade.

For 0.75 liters of red or white-dry wine: 1/2 cup table vinegar, 2 peeled carrots, 50 g chopped onions, 10-15 g cloves, peppercorns, 3 bay leaves, 2-5 g caraway seeds and 1-2 slices garlic. This mixture is boiled once and simmered until the amount of marinade is reduced by 1/3 of the volume, then it is cooled and filtered..

Light main meat sauce.

For 0.5 l of liquid: 2 tablespoons of margarine, flour and cream, salt, 1 teaspoon of butter. Melt margarine and ignite. Add the flour, fry it to a light yellow color. Then add liquid while stirring constantly. Boil the sauce for a few minutes, salt. Add cream and butter to the finished sauce and after that do not cook the sauce anymore. It is the basis for light hot sauces. It remains only to add the appropriate seasoning and change the name. Served with hot fried meat, minced meat and offal.

Currant sauce for meat dishes.

For 200 g of sauce: 0.5 cups of meat juice, 0.5 cups of currant juice, 2-3 tablespoons of flour, 1 tablespoon of butter. In a small amount of butter, wheat flour is fried until brown, meat juice and currant juice are added. They get meat juice by pouring half a glass of water in a pan where the meat has just been fried, let it boil and filter.

Hunting meat sauce.

For 1 liter of marinade: 50 g of white flour, fried in 60 g of oil, 2 tablespoons of currant juice and about a glass of meat juice. The mixture is heated to a boil and served with venison meat dishes..

Sour cream sauce (cold) for meat dishes.

200 g 20% ​​sour cream: salt, mustard, pepper and sugar. Everything that is at hand is suitable for refueling. Suitable for almost all meat dishes, cold and hot. It’s easy to serve several sour cream sauces at once.

Side dishes for meat dishes.

Served with meat dishes are potatoes, vegetables, rice, pearl barley porridge, pasta, vermicelli, dumplings and more. The garnish complements both the composition and the taste of the food, and should be suitable for the main dish both in taste and in the way of cooking.

Soft-tasting vegetables are suitable for light meat with a delicate taste: carrots, green peas, cauliflower, asparagus. Darker and more fatty meat – beets, turnips, cabbage, onions, salads in the marinade. Boiled meat is served with boiled vegetables. To fried and stewed meat – fried or stewed vegetables and potatoes.

Garnish can be served with the main course or separately. Particularly pleasing to the soul are complex side dishes. Several types of vegetables and salates at the same time. A salad of fresh vegetables and herbs for meat is necessary. Sometimes it can serve as the only side dish..

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of the Hunter.
Petrunin V.B., Nikashina E.B., Kupriyanov F.G., Nikerov Yu.N., Rymalov I.V..

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