Saver Emergency Breath System – an emergency breathing system

Good day. We are to you with another review. But, as always, let’s start from afar.

What is a fire in the room? The reasons for it are the most different. When, for example, in the pan, dumplings stop, they begin to fry, and then begin to fry. If you’re hooligans it? And no, no, no, no, no, no. What’s next? Right. Fire And then the fire.

Cheerfully, the smoke is everywhere. The process is in full, in general.

Save the housing is no longer possible. So you need to save yourself. The enemy is not fire at all. Of 80% of people who die in fire. It is zero visibility and toxic gas poisoning, which is more than fire burns. It’s like just taking a sip of gas. In addition, the smoke – it is everywhere.

Therefore, IMMEDIATELY. If this cannot be done, it will be necessary to wait for the rescuers. Covering the nose and mouth with wet rags. Or by applying one curious system …

Saver Emergency Breath System

This is an emergency breathing system. Peculiar household respirator. Monoxide poisoning poisoning, even in a very smoky atmosphere. You will be pulled out of this gas chamber. By the way. This will contribute to the flashlight and beacon mounted on Saver. You will be easier to find.

There are different kits Saver Emergency Breath System – for two and four people.

The instructions for the use of “Saver”.

A source

Saver Emergency Breath System &# 8212; emergency breathing system

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