Saving money on city and intercity transport, hitchhiking.

Saving money may be needed primarily on public transport, which we use every day and which also requires us to sacrifice money. What can I advise? Walk more. Or ride a bike. Bike is a very serious transport. I affirm this as a practitioner who climbed on it to places where the car simply will not pass. 

Saving money on public and domestic transport, hitchhiking.

And I was in Holland and made sure that there are more bicycles there than cars. That all respectable businessmen and company executives, eighty-year-old women, women with children seated in special closed seats with windshield wipers go there.

and colleagues who are not going to go outside in the coming hours. Only return them on time so as not to leave confidence. Or buy one pass for the whole family or for three neighbors and make all the trips you need every three days, also saving. Having in stock three or four owners of travel tickets, you can, without straining them, ride cured for months. Suppose Petrov uses a travel card only when traveling to service or traveling from service.

And that means you can ride on his pass all day. And Sidorov works two days later on the third, and the first day sleeps soundly. His travel card can be used in the evening. Partial use of the travel ticket is possible, this is when you hand over money to a friend for two (for and from work) tickets, pick up a travel card from him and, especially for this day, after digging up things, go around ten places. So much for the savings. Recommend fake travel, tickets using color copiers will not recommend. But I will not blame for this either.

Saving money on intercity transport.

As for intercity transport, the situation here is more complicated. On a scheduled airplane you cannot fly one stop with a hare. And on long-distance trains, saving is difficult, though … maybe. To do this, it is advisable to have a home-made train key that facilitates seeping into the train, possess acting skills to convince the conductor that you were here and went onto the platform to breathe air, demonstrating light clothing that was not weather-proof, or to state that you were seeing off that pretty woman, and bring a heavy suitcase after her.

Accordingly, once you get on the train, you will have to migrate along the wagons, spend hours in the restaurant, not having to catch the eye of the guides and inspectors, drinking a single cup of coffee or hiding in suitcase lockers and toilets. It’s even easier to bring hares to the team of disabled passengers, who explain to the conductors the presence of an unknown person in their compartment by the fact that he came to visit from a neighboring carriage. Once in this way, we managed to hold 23 people for 15 tickets. The guides tried three times to count us on the head and always went astray. The total number of fare dodgers they found out only at the destination station.

It’s much easier to travel on a piece of iron by train. I knew a man who traveled half the country on electric trains and didn’t spend a single ruble on it, this is a saving. Sometimes they demanded a ticket from him, to which he told a heart-breaking story about the loss of all things and money, and he was released in peace, having landed at the first station. Where in an hour or two the next train approached. And in the night trains he was not at all bothered. The only prerequisite for a safe ride on electric trains, he considered a decent view. In order not to attract the attention of the transport police.

In summer, you can travel on merchandise. At one time, I had to travel a lot in carcasses, coal cars, and even sea containers. Not even because of lack of money, but simply because there were no tickets for passenger trains. Similarly, I drove three to four thousand kilometers several times, arriving home earlier than if I had been waiting for mercy from ticket tellers. Commodity rides have their own specifics. It is best to ask for platforms with responsible persons accompanying a valuable load, explaining to them their plight. Nobody will disturb you there. Or climb into empty containers and heaters where the railway guard will not be able to notice you.

Or jump into gondola cars laden with forest, sitting under a canopy from the boards to protect yourself from the rain and become invisible to casual observers from walkways and sorting towers. And if you go on an open platform, it is very confident and not lurking. In this case, we pitched a tent in the middle of the platform, laid out sleeping bags, ate soup cooked on a primus stove and sang songs, that is, by all possible means depicted old-timers of this particular composition. Which were almost born on this platform. In the fall, we asked to the rear cabins of diesel and electric locomotives and never received a refusal.

The only things that should be avoided when traveling on goods are military trains, platforms with cars and wagons with valuable cargo and sealed containers, there will not be savings. And in no case do not pick up random things on the tracks. In order not to run into the charge of theft of rolling stock. It is possible to fly even by plane. For example, if you have friends at the airport. They sometimes get five birds with one stone in the cab. And if your friend has contact with the pilots, then why not.

It’s even better to use military aircraft. It’s easier with hares. There you can stuff hundreds of them into the fuselage of a transporter. And no one will especially protest if the acquaintance major flyer puts in a word for you. Anyway, fly … And still, no tickets. The military thus jumps across the country. And you are with them. The main thing is to find out when a suitable flight flies. And get to know that major. Which will require much less (maybe just 0.5 plus a snack) money than if you buy a ticket.

Saving money when hitchhiking.

Finally, there is another commonly available mode of transport associated vehicles. I also had to use the hitchhiker more than once, winding up to three thousand kilometers in a couple of days. And once managed to drive from Brest right up to almost the city of Paris. And for all these tens of thousands of kilometers I did not pay a single ruble. I will give some tips for forced and voluntary hitchhikers. Going on a hitchhiking trip, try to have the most decent appearance possible. So that you are not mistaken for a road killer maniac. Bring a flashlight or reflective bicycle headlight with which you can attract attention from afar at night.

A waterproof raincoat or a large piece of polyethylene in case of bad weather. And possibly a headrest. For example, I took with me an inflatable pillow with two rubber bands, which, when put on the side of the head, allowed me to sleep sitting with my head resting against the side window. And try to take a fellow traveler with you. Drivers stop willingly on female figures with a handle set aside. And when it turns out that she needs to go not alone, but with that bearded girlfriend, most drivers, of course, are upset, but nevertheless they do not refuse to land. Because still stopped.

Prefer truckers and distillation vehicles for hitchhiking. For the ignorant, I’ll explain: truckers are trucks that make long-distance transportation. Distillation machines without numbers, but with pieces of paper on windshields, distilled from abroad or from factories to places of sale. The latter often go in columns. However, do not disdain any mode of transport. If there is no choice, stop everything that moves in the right direction. Up to motorcycles. I somehow had to drive up even on a horse-drawn cart. Stop cars near gas stations, and it is best to negotiate with drivers when he pours gas into the tank.

It is very convenient to identify the car most suitable for you at level crossings in front of a closed barrier, where cars line up in a long column and drivers become much more accessible. The same principle works at the entrances to state borders. There cars stand many kilometers long, sometimes for several days, and bypassing everything, you can find a ride to any city in Europe. At night, vote only under the lights so that you can be clearly seen, or at the same gas stations. Do not brake cars near stops where the vehicles you voted may be intercepted by others. Depart one way or another away from the stops where people are crowding.

Do not raise your hands on difficult sections of the road at multi-level intersections, steep ascents and descents. And of course, where a sign hangs stopping vehicles is prohibited. In general, try to know the road signs by heart, which will greatly facilitate your task. Never turn off the main road. Even if for five minutes. These five minutes sometimes drag on for hours, and it is very difficult to get to the main one from the side road. Better ask to pick you up when you return to the track and get out of the car turning to the side. But don’t wait for her to start voting right away.

Be able to read license plates and try to stop cars with numbers of neighboring areas. They guarantee you a lot more driving than local vehicles. Do not go on the road until you are pumped up with self-confidence. The driver feels someone else’s confidence. And it stops when you think that he cannot stop. I was repeatedly convinced that crawling on my knees in front of the bumper and pleading gestures act much worse than a confidently and immovably placed hand across the road. The main thing is to believe in yourself. And to vote something like the guard does, who cannot imagine that someone will not react to his raised hand.

When stopping the car, do not talk about the final destination. You can just scare the driver. Name the near town. And only then, having traveled some distance, the next, and then the next. Solve the financial issue right away. That is, honestly admit that you do not have money. For example, due to a wallet loss. Most already stopped drivers will take you like that. For the entire time of the hitchhiking trip, only two people refused to carry me without compensation. The others sighed and nodded in the next seat. Once in the car, make every effort to ensure that the driver is entertained. They very often take travel companions to dispel boredom.

Regarding the safety of the female hitchhiking, experience shows that most often those ladies who themselves are looking for their own heads and other parts of the body of the adventure suffer. Dress up in mini-skirts, painted like a traffic light, flirt about how much in vain, don’t disdain to be treated with vodka, and stay overnight in the car that got into the parking lot. If you do the opposite, that is, look as modest and even faded as possible, close your legs with shapeless pants, do not shoot eyes, do not build hints, do not support conversations on slippery topics, but, on the contrary, tell some compassionate story about which you had to vote on on the road, if you do not stay in the car in the parking lot, do not allow yourself to be taken off the road, then the chances of being subjected to violence are reduced by an order of magnitude.

That is, of course, almost every trucker longing for female attention will try to probe you for mutual love, but then he will step back if he realizes that he has attacked the wrong one. And he prefers to find one than transferring for a few years to the steering wheel of a timber truck due to an attempt of dubious pleasure. Well, if the driver tries to test you with action, a decisive and instant rebuff should be provided, up to the threat of a statement about an attempted violence at the very first police station and the battle of windshields. There are very few drivers willing to sacrifice a windshield for a violently broken kiss. Savings too expensive.

In addition, you need to understand that on the road to create violence, a loving criminal will not. In order not to become the culprit or the victim of an accident. At a minimum, he will try to turn off somewhere into a parking lot or a side road. Here it is necessary to make noise and threaten to break the glass. Better sooner than later. But in the end, I still propose that women alone do not hitchhike. At least, if they don’t have a black belt in karate and don’t have a premium Mauser inherited from grandfather.

Saving money when traveling on river and navy vessels.

It is very convenient to travel on ships of the river and navy. Any even the smallest cargo ship can provide you with a berth in the cabin, and most likely a whole cabin. Encountering a captain is much easier than a conductor of a passenger train, because he is king and god on his ship. In addition, the river authorities are looking through the fingers at the presence of left-wing civilian passengers, if only because in summer summer crews often take their families.

It is very easy on board to solve the problem of food. If you like it, you will most likely be invited to lunch and dinner for free. If not, then at the end of the flight they will ask you to deposit not the biggest money spent on your feeding. We have repeatedly enjoyed marine hospitality in our travels and can testify to the special kindness of the sailors. Once we managed to vote in the open sea, a ship sailing in closed border mode! We just raised our hand, as on the road at the sight of the approaching KamAZ. And almost two hundred meter dry cargo ship stopped.

Then the captain, at the table set up in our honor in the wardroom, informed us that this unexpected stop cost him at least two thousand dollars. But what is two thousand bucks compared to marine mutual assistance. I will not discuss here other types of ice-breaking, horse-drawn, aeronautical, and space-rocket transport, since they are not related to the ability to save money.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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