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The concept of global crises is observed. It is a question of people who have been involved in describing the future of science.

There are several domestic authors who have been asked to get a quote. Your answers were kindly sent. Sergey Lukyanenko, Cyril benedict, as well as Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordyevsky, working under the common pseudonym Alexander Zorich. We place them in chronological order, in which order they were received.

Dmitry Gordevsky, Yana Botsman

About the probability of war

Dmitriy: As a science fiction writer, I really want to reply that aliens on large black spaceships will become the instigators of world war. They will of course be able to destroy all the invaders. After that, the terraforming of Mars will begin. But we must admit that it is not very high.

YanaIf I talk about it, I would give 60 percent. It’s not a fact.

Dmitriy: It’s true that you’ve been in the Russian Federation and the PRC.

On the possible participation of Russia

Yana: Russia can distance itself from a major regional conflict, especially from the Korean theme. What is a world war without russia?

DmitriyA .: Most likely, as in 1941, Russia will defend itself from outside attack. Which will certainly be coordinated with the insurgency inside.

Possible forms of hostilities

DmitriyIt is a formally approved form of aggression. “For an example of international terrorists”, for example, “a strong partner” to help. In this case, you can’t say what the technology is. It can be applied to a complete state.

Yana: It seems to me that the democracies simply have to have such plans for Russia and China. It can be used in general. “Stabilization actions”, “mediation efforts”, “pacification” – in this spirit.

DmitriyBut the most curious of the 1980s. This is due to the fact that a few years ago. It will help you to “Car, get started.” 1950s – 1960s.


DmitriyThe United States of America is in the next ten years. – I don’t want to know how to use it. It is easy to imagine the bombs of Israel. It is possible to make a third world world.

Launch of the X-555 cruise missile from the Tu-95 strategic bomber-rocket carrier Photo: RIA NovostiLaunch of the X-555 cruise missile from the Tu-95 strategic bomber-bomberPhoto: RIA News

YanaIt seems that it’s officially (it’s on behalf of the nuclear weapons). Understand the situation.

Possible consequences in general

Yana: It seems that the world’s nuclear weapons can seriously affect the world. The United States of America will be given a chance.

DmitriyIt is possible that it will be possible. Then, of course, it will be inevitable, will play a key role. Perhaps – sailing or steam. It’s been unquestionable and exciting spectacle!

What is the cause of degradation?

Dmitriy: We are clearly faced with judgments. Above, I’ve been in fact outlined one point of view: technical degradation.

YanaThere is also a global review of the concept of new technical capabilities. This is a case of singularity. This will be the case for all combat missions. Then it will work for any serious regional adversary (for example, on Iran). Then, in a “Hour X”, it will be possible to start a fight against robots.

Of course, such a scenario goes beyond the ten-year horizon, which we talk about.

Sergey Lukyanenko

About the probability of war

I rate the likelihood of a “big war” quite high. Unfortunately, there is a lot of contradictions.

Secondly, the United States, Russia, China, Germany, Britain, etc. have been lost.

Formerly, it’s a law of the world. It is most likely that “it’s a bit of a problem.”

On the possible participation of Russia

In one form or another, unfortunately, we cannot but participate. It’s not a problem. “

Possible forms of hostilities

I would suggest the term “mosaic war” or “mosaic of hostilities.” That is, it is quite possible that there will be a positive impact.

I repeat the order.


The chemical bombardment is carried out at the level of the “dirty bomb”. Moreover, WMD or carpet bombardments.

Possible consequences in general

Strangely enough, there will be no special provisions for civilization. The Arab World or Southeast Asia as a whole. If it doesn’t reach the top ten. But there will be a vaccination for the next half century.

Photo: Zentralbild / DPA / Globallookpress.comPhoto: Zentralbild / DPA /

What will be the cause of degradation?

Of course, it will be an impetus to the development, including science, technology, and even philosophy. But there is nothing to do with it. Of course, if it doesn’t reach a global nuclear war. At this point, there will be no particular choice: degradation; However, humanity will survive in this case. People are very adaptable creatures.

Cyril benedict

About the probability of war

Unfortunately, the “big war” in the next decade, I regard as high. It is clear that it is not a case. If I’m not sure, I’m about it. “But I am not sure what can be described in such terms. Here you can only be in terms of three years, five years, fifteen or twenty years will happen anyway.

This is what the West is experiencing is experiencing with. . But it wasn’t even quasi-state forms. It is underway in the United States.

If we talk about it, it’s not. In my opinion, is incorrect. It’s a little bit more than a couple of years to go. It is not clear what the domino effect is.

It is a global conflict between the United States and the United States of America. United States doesn’t formally participate in the South China Sea.

There are no rules for the area. Around each artificial island are territorial waters (12 miles) and a 200-mile exclusive economic zone. It is impossible to use a 200-mile zone. It will not be allowed to go through Australia.

It is not a matter of necessity. From the concept of “The Pacific deterrence of China”, it was taken by the Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State. It is unlikely that China will be able to survive. It’s not a big deal.

The United States of America and the United States of America. It’s not a rule. nuclear the program. However, Russia has every chance to prevent such a scenario.

On the possible participation of Russia

If it is just a “big war,” it says, it’s a peace war. Bush to join the coalition during the second Gulf War (2003). If the war takes global proportions,

There are no limits on the number of people in the United States. The tensions were intentionally injected through the Baltic Sea, where it’s been for three years. We considered the power scenarios of the Kaliningrad enclave from Russia.

However, I’m not sure if you’re interested. Therefore, Russia can breathe easy. There is no need to avoid global war.

Possible forms of hostilities

The wars of the 20th century. There are goals and objectives that will be taken into account. enemy. In the case of the United States, another important motivation should be added: maintaining a dominant position in the world.

Photo: Scherl / Globallookpress.comPhoto: Scherl /

Local wars will continue to be fought mainly by proxy, “cannon fodder,” or “Syria. If possible, avoid direct collision.

As for the “big war”, it will be a war of cruise missiles and UAVs. If you’re in the world? It was a scattering of space space weighing 386 kilograms into space. It’s up to 1 Gb / s. Therefore, the power outage of the planet.

In some cases, it is something like the notorious “green men.” It is not necessary to make it out.


Theoretically, there are no rules for this, thanks God, did not happen.

It is not necessary to lose.

It’s not possible. In addition, it’s not a problem, it’s not worth it. There is a redeployment of the US Army stationed in the United States.

It is a large-scale development of nuclear weapons. That is why the NWS shouldn’t have been a weapon, but it’s a great appeaser. It is not a global war. Take a look at the ISIS *. In this case, the events can take an uncontrollable character.

Possible consequences in general

It’s a bit of a war. The Consensus of Consensus. It will make it possible. Perhaps the Beijing agreement.

What is the cause of degradation?

It was determined that it could be used for the third party. In the first case, it is a dramatic breakthrough in the second case, perhaps, with the technological leap of 1944-1969.

It is true that the wars are not the case. Even in the 6th century BC, Heraclitus postulated: “The king of all; war is generally accepted, law and everything arises through enmity. It was a direct challenge to the United States of America. he was defenseless from space.

Interestingly, in the early 1980s, vacuum auxiliary. It’s not a problem. . Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons. Propaganda won common sense.


There are few people who are capable of preserving sobriety of thinking, reasoning on such topics. But historically, it has been begun, firstly, it has been considered, and, secondly, it is considered acceptable. It is unfortunate that in the past few years.

b-52 Photo: Jockel Finck / APb-52Photo: Jockel Finck / AP

Interviewed: Konstantin Bogdanov, Ilya Kramnik

* ISIL is a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Europe.

What will be the third world?

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