Scorpikot – fermented lamb from the Faroe Islands

Depend on their own reserves. And if they are also limited, then everything is very sad. Actually, when it came from Scandinavia, when it came to the Faroe Islands colonized around the ninth century. It was really bad. As with regular shipments from the mainland. So I had to get out on my own.

As a result, it was not necessary to ensure that it was stored for almost a year. This dish is called skerpikjot, It enjoys great popularity among the local population. Hearty and extremely peculiar.

Preparing skerpikyut as follows. Somewhere the slaughter is under way. Lamb, because only sheep are perfectly adapted to local climatic conditions. The skin of a ram is cut off. Directly in the fresh air. Very fresh, blown salty sea winds. Harsh flies. But also with good ventilation. You can forget about meat.

Actually, yes. Scorpikot is the most simple dish, in preparation of the cook. No spice, no salt. Conventionally, it is the first part of the preparation, it is divided into 3 parts. But the fermentation process has already started. After this comes with a complex name, which we will not voice. However, it’s not possible to prevent rotting. So no there is skerpikyot safe to anyone. This is not some kind of copalchen. This is a normal dried lamb, which, in addition, must pass through the third stage of ripening.

Which usually falls in the winter. A rather mild winter due to the gulf stream. It can be felt rather unpleasantly. But it doesn’t really make it. Here we are already talking about many months. In fact, cooking scoop takes 5 to 9 months. And the finished product itself can be stored as much.

But there are some nakladochka. Due to the difference in taste and aroma. And sometimes it wasn’t wondering with the winds. In such years, one can only hope for last year’s reserves. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

Why do we need to know this? It is useful infa anyway. Is it possible to do something cold sea coast? Is complete. Will be due to deep freezing. So take your weaponry. And yes, it tastes skerpikyot not so disgusting. Especially if the nose is pre-clamped.

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