Scout knife special LDC, technical description and instruction manual, manual.

subject to accounting and subsequent destruction under the act. Before operating LDCs, it is necessary to study the technical description and operating instructions.

Appointment and technical details of a special LDC scout knife.

A special reconnaissance knife of the LDC is a personal weapon of attack and defense, designed to defeat the enemy with a knife or a shot. The use of a special cartridge SP-3 provides silent and flameless firing. The cartridge device is not considered in these technical specifications and operating instructions.

The best firing results from LDCs are obtained at ranges of up to 25 meters. The special LDC scout knife can be used in various conditions, including under water. LDCs are fired only in the air. LDCs include assembled knife, scabbard and mount.

The design of the LDC allows piercing steel sheets up to 1 mm thick, cutting and planing, sawing steel rods with a diameter of up to 10 mm and steel strips with a saw blade and sheathed steel wire with a diameter of up to 2.5 mm, twisted into two cores, a telephone cable with a diameter of up to 5 mm and electrical wires up to 400 V.

In the handle of the knife is a single-shot firing device. Direction of fire – from the handle head. The barrel of the firing device is quick-detachable. To protect the barrel from dust, dirt and other foreign objects, its muzzle is closed with a rubber shutter. All controls firing device brought out the handle of the knife.

Safe handling of the knife is ensured by reliable fuses. Two-position safety lock – turned on and off, safety cocking of the trigger holding the trigger on the rebound and preventing the charged firing device from tripping when the knife falls.

The sheath is designed to accommodate the blade of a knife and is used as scissors. The mount is designed to carry a knife on an arm or leg.

Scout knife special LDC is equipped with:

Bandolier for carrying four cartridges on a waist belt.
Pendant for carrying a knife in a scabbard with a belt.
Insert – a weight simulator replacing the firing device during training sessions with a knife.
Rubber shutters to replace failed and seasonal replacement. White in winter, black in summer.
Accessories for disassembling, assembling, cleaning and lubricating.

The main tactical and technical characteristics of a knife scout special LDC.

Dimensions of the knife, mm:
scabbard 323x65x32
without scabbard 280&# 215; 54×32
Dimensions of the blade, mm: 160х28х3.5
Mass of a knife (without cartridges), kg:
sheathed 0.60
without sheath 0.33
Sighting Line Length, mm: 100
Caliber barrel bore firing device, mm: 7.62
Muzzle velocity, m / s: 145
Cartridge weight, kg: 0,015
Cartridge Length, mm: 52
Combat rate of fire, rounds per minute: 2
Vitality of LDCs, shots: 500

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