Scout memo

Before leaving

  • Scout, check your gear! Look at the repair, unmasking. Dress him, jump, ride on the ground, equipment should not give you sound.
  • Check it out for the machine gun.
  • Look at yourself critically. Face, neck, eyelids, hands with makeup. All shiny parts on equipment, should not be shine, use for this purpose winding cloth, tape or painting. Ask a friend to check your disguise. It would be a priority goal.
  • Regarding the weight of equipment must not be carried. But realities may dictate other conditions. It can be recommended that it be the fighters, i.e. the composition can be changed.
  • Before you go out, learn how to landmarks. You should also know the area of ​​immediate area of ​​action. If you’re not happy, you’re not going anywhere,


  • Scout, do not forget about the construction of conservation!
  • Even if there are only 3 people, advanced security should be organized.
  • When moving, the trunks should be kept by the Christmas tree, each holding its own sector. Closely monitor the actions of escort.
  • Do not talk. Do not smoke. Do not litter. Use waste gestures.
  • If you’re in the forest, you’ve heard more the value of which is stipulated in advance.
  • Try to follow the trail lines carefully. It can save lives.
  • Go measured, without making sudden movements. It can be seen that you can’t see it.
  • If there is an unconscious sense of danger, it is possible to do so. Of course you may
    But you can’t make it a little bit worse.
  • It can be used as a trench, it can be used as a trench, it can be used to make it. characteristic silhouettes of objects (movement, parts of the human body, artificial structures, etc.).

Halt, rest, parking

  • Scout, keep walking mode, save power, save and not distracted from the path and observation!
  • It is not necessary to get tired. Go 50 minutes, rest 10, after 8-10 hours.
  • It was necessary to complete the course of the meeting. You can’t stereotyped can lead to death.
  • It is necessary to settle down. You should also set secrets for observation. The fighters in secret should be perfectly disguised, if possible a silent weapon.
  • You must not be lazy and equip a trench for shooting. It should be noted that it should be minimized.


  • Scout, your camp is your castle or grave! Settle camp quietly, quickly and covertly. Do not leave a trace of your presence!
  • In the camp – do not talk, do not make noise.
  • It is advisable to use a tourist burner. If there is a burn, if possible, use dry firewood. Do not make a “pioneer bonfire.” A bonfire should be given.
  • Do you want to go around the group of people? .
  • Weapon cleaning should also be done alternately.
  • Sleep in one period of time. Sleeping without closing the bag According to the camp defense plan.
  • If necessary, it should be noted that the maximum secrecy is observed.


  • Continuously!
  • The TR-4 or TR-8 should not be used for reconnaissance pipe (manual periscope). Using it, you don’t put your head under the enemy’s bullet. Its equipment is about $ 40-50.

Equipment and gear

  • Scout carefully select equipment, customize size, exclude unmasking due to sounds (bounce, jingle when walking) and brilliance. Watch for stocks and the amount of ammunition!
  • If you’re a man of some kind, you’ve been boggled, you’ll be boggled; Take in account the wind direction.
  • There are also splitting glasses and small fragments. For example, Bolle Nylson glasses, cost around $ 10-15 a small shot from a shotgun.
  • Have a knee pad, or a knee pad on the right foot. Especially knee pads are needed when working in urban environments. A kneecap should not crawl when crawling.
  • In case of the knee strap.
  • Have a bright green or olive, with phosphoric arrows. You can also watch it. If you are not in the wrist of a dial.
  • It’s not. For example, you can’t be looking at this).


  • Scout, very carefully watch your weapon! Care, cleaning and lubrication – in any free time!
  • It was useful for example when it came to the enemy.
  • To prevent dust, garbage from getting AK, put a condom on it. When fired, it’s easy to get rid of it.
  • It will be clogged. If you want to carry on a cassette or audio cassette, you can choose to carry it on.
  • It is a line up to the line. Will be removed / put without noise.
  • It is desirable to have a secondary weapon (knife, pistol) secretly located.

Wounds, first aid, first aid kits and medical devices

  • Scout, be ready to assist.
  • You should be able to provide first aid. Read it in various situations.
  • You should have a medical group with a honey bag.
  • Everyone should have a painkiller, 1-2 individual dressing bags (IPP), tourniquet. You can tie up with a tourniquet of IPP, butt on the AK. Also, you can do something like an improvised cheek on the butt.
  • It is a painkillers and PPI, anesthetizing the wounded.
  • There are vials with NaCl and reopolyglucin solutions on the group that have been able to follow the system. It depends on your blood pressure.
  • It should not be vaccinated against hepatitis A, B, tetanus.

Additional equipment

  • Water purification (pantacid, akvabbs, etc.), have a filter for water purification.
  • You should have a wearable emergency stock (NAZ), which includes:
    one. 2-3 condoms (placed in a sock, holds about a liter of water),
    2 water purification tablets
    3 stimulants (sydnocarb, if not, caffeine benzoate tablets)
    four. painkillers
    five. Matchbox
    6 in the box except for matches, magnetized needle (use as a compass), razor blade
    7 The boxes are wrapped with wood. All this should be sealed in a sealed plastic bag. NAZ doesn’t take much space, it doesn’t ask, but it can help a lot in certain situations.
  • Have a small repair kit (a pair of needles, strong threads, tape, spare shoelaces).
  • Sea wool package (a knotted bag) close in your backpack. It is useful when the feet are wet.
  • If you have to buy chemical thermal insoles. Give a heat for 2-8 hours.
  • Have a five-point (travel mat). You can make it yourself, from a piece of karemat and gum. For a long time.

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