“Sea Devil” – a knife of combat swimmers

Conventional military weapons do not often become the object of interest of the media. Give them all sorts of supernova rocket complexes, something high-tech, allowing one spit to shoot down a target from a distance of several kilometers, or just something very impressive. So when the mere fact that a combat knife hit the sights of attention is not a trivial phenomenon. However, the knife is not ordinary, but intended for combat swimmers, “Sea Devil”.

And they started talking about him in 2009, when a clever man had guessed to give Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, then the President of the Russian Federation, with military weapons. It is said that this was the knife of the sea devil combat swimmers. Then, for some reason, he was called “Katran”, which, to put it mildly, does not correspond to the truth, because “Katran” is a combat knife that has never been adopted by the Navy. And now we will try to tell you about this situation.

Universal Diving Knife (NVU)

Until the nineties, the armament of submariners was the so-called NVU – “Universal Diving Knife”. And he was both at the disposal of the divers of the Navy, and in combat swimmers.

Knife combat swimmers “Sea Devil”

In the new knife there should have been a metal file, nippers. It should have been a more efficient form, longer and relatively light. In addition, it should have been possible to determine the position of the blade at once and by touch. Well, the bending strength should have been significant – yet it is not only a military weapon, but also a tool. Well, all the other points that were already present in the “Katran-1” also had to be saved.

The final version of the knife

Steel arms

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